Sunday, March 2, 2008

Motion capture.

SPOT day

Dont know wat to say.. i know i know.. its been awhile since i last update..but but let me show u all something..

actually i wanted to make a longer version but too bad, evonnes camera is out of batt and i dont have the charger. and also jus for your information there are actually 41 frames here.. so im thinking whether i want to go on or not coz its alot of work ...

A taste of my collections

SPOT day

Ive been collecting stuff of spiderman for a very long time. Its very satisfying to look at it whenever i have time. I know people might say im crazy. But I like. Let me show you part of my collections.

Die cast with lead and hand paited spiderman figures.

Minimates, lego like mini figures.

More to come, MUA HAHAHAHA