Friday, March 26, 2010

The lagness slowness everything is now over.

Its here at last my boss decided to change our macs...

the long awaited macs.

with new wireless keyboard, and smaller.

super damn futuristic wireless mouse.

which now i dun have to lag when i do my artwork, terus use hi resolution pic to buat, watch youtube with no lag, no crash, no quitting of application suddenly, surf net without any lagness, use msn, u name it... there is no consequences with this new mac.

but sad to say, now the old macs which is equivalent to erm.. pentium 2 (pc term) is now siting at the corner of my office begging us to touch it, but hell no...

Friday, March 19, 2010

Inspiration from Tiger

CNY might b over but spirit still strong in me...

Tis poster was put on my door by Julian n till today its still there.... look closely there is a hidden woohoo cd... LOL

Something to share, or mayb gip some opportunity for u to mass product it.

have u find out wat isit, i think u guys are smart enuf, with tis super simple mechanism, ur work stress is all over.

not because our office has nothing to do, its just tat u know how sometimes clients can make u damn frustrate n stress out, u jus wish u can stick something up their hole.. tats why our office golf is created.. lol

make sure u have proper equipment all the time.

and wala let the tournament begin..

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My first original FF

Owned Final Fanatsy 7-Final Fantasy 12 but hehehe all bought for cheap cheap wan... kekeke u know wat i mean rite

-Final Fantasy 7 (my bro Chris finish it i jus watch)
-Final Fantasy 8 (almost finish and Nick help me finish it so i jus restart the last boss to see the ending)
-Final Fantasy 9 (stop halfway... coz i dun like the characters)
-Final Fantasy 10 (finish it all by myself with a guide book i bought)
-Final Fantasy 12 (played halfway, stop also went youtube n watch the ending...)

f.y.i. Final Fantasy 11 is MMORPG (online game) so dint play

For the first time, as a fan of Final Fantasy tis is my very first original copy of final fantasy game.

WOOO HOOO final fantasy 13... its been years since it was announce when ps3 came out.. if im not mistaken its around 5 years... WEI THE GAME PUNYA BOX ART SHINY SHINY WAN LEH !!!

Waited for 5 years....

so chun la, i bought during my lunch hour, dint go makan, sacrifice my lunch hour for tis game... but after i got it, i go no mood to work d... all i thought of was BALIK

reach home, broke my bathing record, took me only 5 minutes, and dinner 5 minutes all done.

oh yeah i put in the game even before i bath but leave it on till i finish bathing, u know why, i know if i watch the opening scene for the first time, i know i will cum tats why i dint bath first...

bye bye la to the real world, i think i will be stuck in the world of final fantasy for the meantime now...

But i know alot of u might not b interested in games like final fantasy tats why i had something for some of the non fan..

ever wish u have game like tis?

yes its real, ps3 really came out with tis game. And its not cencored at all... so weird

scrub scrub rub rub... but the main reason its not of this scene la... spent like RM100 something jus to see tis scene meh...

Its called Heavy Rain the origami killer. Game story is nice and also the gameplay is very different from ur usual game. Anyone can pick tis game n start playing even if u are new to PS3.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Got watch or not !!? Astro Informercial ?

Siapa got Astro suscribe to wah lai toi... if im lucky u guys might see me appear on an ad.

i went for a tv ad for my company, hehehe

although im not the main character but im still an actor. like wat Stephen Chow said in one of his movie,

"Lam si yuin yuin tou hai yat got yuin yuin" meaning a kelefeh is also an actor, hahaha

haha who care rite but the pay was good, appear 2 seconds got RM150 d... u say la not bad ma... i dun mind a kelefeh. Can see professionals sumore.

But in tat informacial there are some hidden characters.. did u all spot them..

I appeared 3 times.

and also my colleagues


Jakun, veli hard to find, if u know here u can find her if u dont.. veli hard.

May, veli tiny like her size, so its also veli hard to see also.

Cheng Cheng, quite easy to spot.. hehehe but of course she dint do tis face la... tis look is exclusive.

and my special guest apperance, my dear dear Evonne. hehehe

Tonite will b the last time to watch ar 11.30pm, if you miss it no worries will post on my blog soon.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We are the world.

hahah i might b outdated but no harm watching this video again rite.

i was like guessing all the singers name with my bro when we first play it. And Jaemy and m3 agree on the weird singer.. really sounds damn weird but i like how they blend the rapping part in... chun.

and here is the very first version of the song with some oldies singer.

tis video was release on 1985... oooo la la so long d.

Monday, March 1, 2010

CNY last d no more d... (next year lo)

But first tis is from ah toh

Kongkek (atau Fuck dalam bahasa Inggeris)
Maksud: merupakan sebuah perkataan Bahasa Melayu pasar yang sebagai satu kata kerja, bermaksud "berhubungan seks dengan". Penggunaannya menjadi larangan dalam kebanyakan keadaan, tetapi juga biasa dalam sesetengah keadaan yang tertentu atau sesetengah kumpulan sosial. Ia belum diterima sebagai perkataan baku (rasmi) tetapi digunakan dalam keadaan tidak rasmi.


Lucky i was able to see lion dance, every year mus at least see one time wan if not whole year not huat. Lucky also i know there will b one near my office, so aku ada bawa kamera !

so excited wei when i see them setting up this, like doing super stunt

really love lion dance, they really look damn nice

before they actually start these ppl start playing tung tung chiang to draw out the crowds, more humans came down.

nah colleague saya, but onli 3 of the guys, the lady looks like she know them hahaha sit so close to vincent.. ehem ehem.

then the lion starts dancing after the long half an hour wait..

jump here jump there hoping it to fall but too bad la they are professionals. After the jumping lion finish another 2 came out.

the came out to light the firecrackers, 5 batang man.. they went berserk after the firecrackers

like makan feng tau yuen d

hump each other sumore

after humping suck dick pulak.

tak tau malu still go smile at me like nothign has ever happened, worst thing it they even flash at me and i saw its .... head...

i have to cencored it the head tooo big not a good sight to see...