Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Steam @ Julian (really Steam)

Played with my camera abit.. since its the hungry ghost festival month,

TERCUBA with tis long aperture super scary shot.

and also take a look at the pic below, its Tohs room.

i was surprise to see it, dint know he likes construction truck, bet he likes Bob the Builder alot when he was young.

and finally i try to log in my blog with his laptop and i found tis... so now we know all those weird and farnie names tat appeared in my chat box belongs to who..

actually nothing much to talk bout the steam boat at Julians place but we really had alot of fun again.

of course we eat, drink,


did some ass banging , look at Aden why is he so so into it, it was jus for fun, he looks so professional n concentrate.

we also experiment with empty spring pocket, how it looks like if you have no balls. SAGGY SCROTUM

and after all the fun we have to help clean up the hse, after all the mess we made.

Thing is i took tons of pics but i dont want to show those nice ones, but i would like to show the ugly side of each and everyone,

there are 2 winners for the uggliest shot, wondering why Julian doesnt have any ugly shot ? im being fair to him coz he had a super duper humiliation,

But for the one with the most interesting shot is Toh.


not gona say anything bout tis pic, but i find it interesting,

and now Julians super duper humiliation.... sadness.

sniff sniff .. tears of joy

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tonite, post to lansi onli

going somewhere tonite.. really tis is to lansi u all.


but my place not very unique la... same row as those RM98.. dont feel VVIP also...

and also for yesterday

but eventually dint go (sold the tics) coz got something else more fun.

coming soon...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fun Stuff to do.

There are somethings which might cause you to lose your job if you do it in office, but in advertising line (mayb mine) you can do watever you like. Find anythign to release stress

Here are some examples.

having a ping pong bat is alwaz good after a long day of work,

but finding a place to play might b hard but you just need to be creative in making ur own ping pong table.

bringing your collectibles is alwaz an good eye opener for me (coz i like figures)

but thing might get nasty if you leave it for too long in the office,

you might not want them turning into Mat Selamat.

Also, shawl is alwaz a nice item to have fun with

yeap you might have guess it, making AH NEH NEH head.

or big hats, best for laughs especially u have a shirt tat goes with the hat.

Leaving your cigarettes lying around the office is a bad move.

If so u might end up smoking cigarettes with messages on how bad smoking is.

Tying up someone in your office.

The best entertainment you can find, seeing her struggle for freedom..LOL

oh make sure her mouth is tape so tat she cant shout or call for the boss help.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kuala Selangor

Have not been feeling well since 2 weeks ago, but lucky i have a fren,

who can bring me medicine for free, but he has the opportunity to write my name on it

hahah but still have to ucapkan terima kasih, lol to Julian.

On my weekend, we had a plan, a family trip plan. Family as in you need 5 cars to go to Kuala Selangor those type of family not jus parents but cousins aunties, uncles, granma ,granpa... so on.

I though it was jus a normal makan trip at kuala selangor, but my uncle had another plan in mind

stop at Bukit Malawati for monkeys.

We need to take a Zoo Train look alike up the Bukit.

Tis is like jus one third of my family members. The train has like 3 carriage and we took half of the seats. LOL.

before we were taken up the hill, there are already few monkeys roaming around looking for food.

more and more started to jump from tree to tree and hangout waiting for us to feed them, but we dint.

So once we get up the hill, not high la, around 5 minutes or train ride.

Nose start to bleed, na beh.. suddenly nose bleed lucky brought some tissue, but luckily the blood stops after awhile.

there were so so many monkeys, roaming around, we bought some long beans for them and they start snatching from us.

some even got aggressive, tried to still the whole bunch of long beans from my bros hand.

these monkey are not the fierce type they get along with human very well, they wont harm you but onli wants is their first priority, so if you dont have food they wont bother or even come close to you, and they start aiming for other ppl with food.

tis fella saw one of his mate holding their favorite food..

banana muda, all of the monkeys are eying oh his banana, but when they get close to him he start to punch them, LOL.

Half and hour later, train came and tats the end of our monkey trip,

it was a hot day, and we are hungry so off we go for lunch.

had lunch at a nearby restaurant which is considered famous (i think),

but the truth is after the monkey trip, everything jus went down the drain, the food was sucky, er....not to say sucky la but u can get better ones in KL.

food habis makan, then we went to a nearby market which sells alot of fresh seafood. I think Kuala Selangor is known for its seafood.

And so tats the end of my Kuala Selangor trip.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Defender of The Universe

Im sure some of you might ring a bell when i say the defender of the universe.

Its VOLTRON... it was one of the best the shiok the keng the hebat cartoon during my childhood and its still is. So without hesitation i bought it from xl-shop.

Ever heard of the origins of Voltron. Let me tell you.

Long long time ago, live a bloody horny black lion.

so hamsap tat it spread its love to any lioness he saw.

and tis red lion gave birth to a green lion. Red lion thought they can settle down as a family.

but nothing is stopping black lion, black lion cheated on red lion and went to find yellow lion which is way bigger than red lion.

and so yellow lion gave birth to blue lion.

although black lion is horny he is a responsible lion, he decide to married red lion and yellow lion promising to raise his cubs.

but as we see frm the pic above, black lions is never happy his head is always down.

Damn! black lion head is alwaz down is because its damn bloody loose.... RM198 for tis crap plastic... really one disappointing piece of masterpiece(shit) .. the plastic is so bad tat it looks like its frm pasar malam, everything seems to b so loose and it looks damn fragile, im afraid to do any super posing with the lions.. haiz sad la... sad... but wat to do cildhoos memories, even my mom came in and say

"ei tis tis last time u all like wan,, Voltron rite ?"

lucky i preordered it and i can save RM50, if not really saddening.

jus ignore all of the crapness of the quality, put it in my cabinet jus for display and leave it there, not doing anything to it.

see see the video.. 5.30pm (tats when all the nice cartoons start when i was young) weekdays dunno wat channel... ooooo shioks....