Sunday, July 26, 2009


Had some time during the weekend and decided to try on my camera. Been neglecting it for a week, so today try to sayang it, hehehe

use my canon chai to try out tis effect, drawing with light, can read wat i wrote ? hehehe

here, another pic taken in front of a mirror with the same settings.

and wats a camera without taking my figures... MUA HAHAH same

and the best shot that i like the most, see those red light behind ? their actually my finger covering the led torch and lukis lukis. WOO HOO.

but i dun think tis will b the only time my spideys and canon chai meet each other where will b more,hahaha.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Man U

Ok la since i see everyones blog sure got talk bout him i pay abit of tribute to him.

Used my colleagues stick man to form into MJ. HAHAHA. Okie tats my tribute to him.

So who wans to get tis damn limited faded tickets of MJ in 1996.. kira kira 13 tahun.. crazy,i have 3 of it and its damn rare !

Now we cakap bout seeing red stuff, ang ang stuff.

Went to watch ManU with the gang.

Everyone was so happy and excited. Waving Julians flag all the way to Bukit Jalil Stadium frm IMU.

We even brought a pirate flag.. jus for erm.. mayb the press might see us and wanted to take a picture of us or mayb if our pics come out in the paper we can recognize use by seeing tis black pirate flag..

Crowd... Crazy giler babi.

and if you have seen the above pic, dun scratch ur head, let me help u, it appeared on The Star thumbnails.

The match starts at 5pm but we reach there around 2pm and its bloody hot, everyone is sweating like mad including the pic i showed in my previous post.

Once we are in, we look for a nice spot n start wasting time doing nothing there. We have to wait about 2 hours.

But for those who had a problem reading but not colour blind.. they wore jerseys of ManU's rivals.

The outcome... major humiliation.

ManU supporters booing and shooing them away.. haha PADAN, i nearly wear Barcelona. Nearly but lucky i dint.

Game is about to start players came out.

and who is tis kid... he is so damn lucky.. mus be someone super duper rich la... gets to touch all the players hand leh... malous.

as you can see above, our Malaysia team wasnt camera attractive (new term).. LOL

so here are some farnie shots (which i think it is la) tat i took during the game. I took like 500 pics tat day but their jus ordinary human kicking ball all around the field so tat u can watch in ESPN for better clearer view.

The match was entertaining fun.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


No Excuse.
No Explanation.
Jus Gone.
And now Back.

What makes me come back, tis.

Bought myself a DSLR Canon 500D. SHIOKS !!!!

But i have forgotten all the basic stuff and im starting back from scratch. So still experimenting with it.

A picture of Max.

Crazy 15.1 mg which i super zoom.

Zoom from tis pic.

Thats all for now la, still havent bring back my momentum yet in blogging, felt abit virgin-ish, Like jus started blogging.

Bagi aku masa sikit but for sure