Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The relief.. from test

The last time ive ever felt like tis was like 6-7 years back, not when im sitting for SPM ( tat i dont feel anything coz i jus dont) it was when i need to sit for the car exam.

I felt exactly the same today as today is my final super bike exam. When i was sitting down i dont feel anything but when my name was called, after the bloody long wait, like 54 humans before me,

i stood and n i cant feel my legs. To make things worst im the first one is going to take the superbike test.

To add to the Gementarness.. everyone is asking u, takut tak, takut tak, ish ish nasib la sekarang tengok nasib la, boleh tak ?

and i have to answer them with confidence with abit of doubt, mesti boleh...

Today will b the last day im turning into 2 colours. No more trainign under the hot sun.

Today will be the last day im worried from falling off the bike, yeah the picture above is real, i fell from the bike not once..

but twice, the first time the bike landed on my leg, really embarrassing, i really fell with the bike, damn 7 heavy, but jus a couple of bruises on my knee

but it all pays off, i have learn from balancing myself on the titi, doing emergency break, making the lapan turning thing, doing sharp turning (tats when i fell the first time), parking ( second time i fell but with skill [coz experience d]), to waving my hands while stopping, smile while u walk back to the resting area after u fell, get scolded and handle it with a smile, making friends, control my nervousness and to sum it up...

I PASS !!!

Friday, June 11, 2010


It was a normal day

but it will never be normal me in office, i asked my colleague to tie me up jus to feel how it feels to be kidnapped, and they really did, really tie till i cant move at all.

Im sure u guys are thinking
"Ei so nice ah no need work ah ?!"

Cmon tis is jus like 10minutes of fun...

so realistic, if i send tis pic to my mom i think she will freak out and make a police report, but tis is jus for acting, so no one was harm.

but after tat i was left at a corner alone.... helpless....

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Spidey Family

Hm.... should i get another Gundam ? really dilemma... should i should i !!! ciz..

Nvm let me continue dilemma-ing, ok, wah i puasa Spidey for quite some time d, i did not buy any spidey related products for a damn long time. So i went to get my hand painted cast in lead collectors figurine. Introducing frm left to right, Shocker, Chameleon and the Hob Goblin !!!

and together they join the spidey family...

OH i also got a Mr Potato spidey edition from one of Evonnes colleague, hahaha, never in my life i thought of getting one of these but because its free and its spidey who cares !!

it comes with all a Peter Parker face too, u know how Mr Potato toys work rite, u have all tis parts and u can mess around with, snap it anywhere u like, so i made myself a Spidey villain.

BEHOLD... Pinkuchiou !!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Gatherness Bukit High High

Bukit Tinggi with the college mates, if you see my facebook, pics have been posted up like weeks ago and i onli blog about tis now.. lol. I dun like facebook everyone is so fast, tats why i dont wana upload my pics on facebook so that u need to come to my blog which is my personal facebook. heheeh Pics will b shown here.. MUA HAHHAHAHA

drove there on a really really hot day,

these are all the humans tat went up, u all sendiri guess la who is who.

but before we go we had breakfast at Ah Sian Dim Sum shop..

Its nice but i dont get why do they need to wrap their plates, bowls and chopstick with plastic... really stupid, will it looks more hygienic but the plastic wastage is crazy..

the Pau tat uncle keep introducing to us, once u bite the yellowish milky sauce jus ooze out.

once we reach everyone has tis super big smile, like so happy really really happy. No more stress. Free from the the cruel working world.

its more like a photography class there, everyone jus keeps taking pics hahah and everyone is a model for anyone.

see ! where there is an opportunity to pose we pose and we those tat dint pose photograph

we got various of shots, the shot above is called the pedophile doing wat he do best.

Oh Shong where are u, somewhere out there.. beneath the pale moonlite...

so emo shots..

SY trying to act sad but looks like a sneeze to me.

Jaemy dont wana do any sad, or emotional shot, he wans to pose like a frog instead.

its a Sunday n there are many performances going, but then the crowd... its jus sad.. lucky Ah soon was there supporting.

a pretty good shot of aunty and uncle, i like

like i said earlier, no matter wat u are doing, u mus be ready.

i know SY did tat, non stop posing. Veli professional.

well some angles are not really nice, look at the way Evonne stand and Jaemys expression.. wrong, that should be me standing, not Jeamy ... why why why !

Happy tears from uncle,
Uncle feel very happy, its been so long since the family had tis much fun.

Wing Chun and Cycock.

one of the main attraction in Bukit Tinggi, the Swan.

2 Swans, after the main attraction in Fa Lan Sai Chun we drove up to the japanese garden.

nothing much to see here.

there are trail of ants...

Red ants and small black ant.

waterfalls, and tats about it in japanese garden. Trips like tis, sure got alot of group pics so the pics below will b the groupies we had.

on top of the tower.

on the chair

under the shades

under the sun

in the lift

in fa guo san, see monkey god ?

under the pintu gerbang of the japanese garden

and even the big ass mirror on the road.

then we went for lunch, we makan alot, im gona make tis fast now,

then we went 1U

for desert

then uncle gip comment on the mascot.

then we go practice wing chun,

then we go back to uncles house, for a surprise bday,

then we charge into his house, then the 2 fellas expression is damn farnie, han is so gentle like holding 2 breasts.

then uncle blow the candles,

then we all balik after the long day. The end.