Thursday, October 1, 2009

Spidey went Studio

Had some time some time ago, and decided to do some spidey figure shooting myself.

Made my own mini studio with jus a black mounting board i took frm office. Kekekeke. Pinjam onli.

All of my models came from the same range, its from the movie spiderman 3

because there are jus bust (statue setengah badan) so means there is this big bulk after the body to hold it.

tats why all of them are jus half body, hehehe

but tis vinyl is different its from kotobukiya (company) its a full statue made frm vinyl

same bust also, but jus close up.

here are the 3 main models i use, one thing good bout them is i can post n take my own sweet time taking pics of them. Obviously the bad thing is there isnt any articulation.

so i try my best to catch the super dramatic angle of these figures.

all of these pics is not photoshop jus crop and resize.

i personally love tis shot alot so i decided to do some photoshopping on it, above is the before make up.

after make up... oooo la la.