Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mc Savers... seriously saves

Remember the Big Mac chant from McD..

Jus when im done with y was on the 29th of May.. and the i was in Sungei Wang with the gangs. Lining up to get a free big mac and then .. i look at the back of it n it says expiry date. 28th May. No wonder no one was doing the chant, HAHAHA lucky i dint go in front ans start doing the chant.. DAMN MALU

But at least weve won one big mac from McD and it was thanks to Julian.

Jus look at his nervous face.. lau lan abit in the end .. LOL so we save on one big mac... hehehe

Next is this.

Kid Fun Meal card.. apply it every year for onli RM 2. Use it wisely..

Order anything over Rm 5 and get a free fries or a sundae for free. So the best way to save is.

Order one Mc Value Meal... and then get a free fries.

Bring along few frens...M3, Julian and Justin n secretly pass the card to them after you order.
When order.. order something over Rm 5 and present the card get another fries.

Since you can refil the drink dun bother to get another one...

U will jus end up like ordering a Meal. And small fries is about the same as medium.. Call me kiasu or not... who cares..

McD is making loads so its not cheating neway.. we have the card and it dint says you cant pass it to ur frens.

even the card does not belong to any of us..

CRIKEY !! Part 4 ! THE END ?

Its almost done.. almost finish, journey with Steve is fun.

eventually the uncle tat won the fly contest make frens with us and he is the frenliest uncle ive ever met.

He alwaz goes to 3 sisters and entertain us, visitors. Alot of secrets of 3 sisters has been shared by him.

First he reach to his pocket and i was thinking oh shit not a gun ! .. and he took out tis

a devils plant seed/flower .. no idea.. buts its call devil plant coz of the look of it.

then he lent us his binocular

a big one.. not those u bought from toy shop.. these really can peep the girl next door bathing.

tis is wat he call us to look out for... a honey bee nest.

and then the secret of 3 sisters, one of the stone had a face feature on it.

and then some ruins on the mountain...

and now ..... PART 4 : In touch with the 3

Things to look out.
Jus watch...last episode d.

And now Special Edition.

A Death Defying Act By Evonne

Evonne did it anyway with me holding her hands all the way to the 3 sisters.

the frenly uncle even gave me tis book which i dont know where i put it... and i dint even read.. sorry uncle.. haha


So into my new collection. It so cool and nasty.. Yeah another spiderman .. tis time a villain.

so nasty tat is even nastier than toh drawing himself killing people..

so nasty that is nastier than tohs drawing of sf kicking sk heads off !

so nasty tat the head has to be snap in to the body, jus to prevent it from biting the packaging !

Venom.. the nastiest of all villain in spiderman..

very dangerous.. very very dangerous.. but no matter how dangerous he is..

spiderman is alwaz there to teach his enemy a lesson and a good spanking. Tats how it should be done !

Friday, June 27, 2008

CRIKEy !! Part 3 !

Tis can really be the poster for the upcoming movie (i hope) THE FLY 3

it was lots of fun doing some trekking here, stop all the pit stop jus to take pictures.

If you guys are observant, u mus know now why we fold up our pants.

it was a wet day.. the land is wet.. and full of mud holes. Very risky to go trekking like tis.

and once again. PART 3 : The New Bird.

Things to look out.
1. 00.12 Evonne have walk out from the scene realizing im gona do something stupid.
2. 00.17 The bottle in PART 2 appears.
3. 00.25 Cameraman checking me out (Jone)
4. 01.23 He really looks farnie, too bad his eyes were not seen here.

Come back for PART 4 : In touch with the 3. (last episode)

and also a side story... A death defying act by Evonne.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

CRIKEY !! Part 2 !

Dying to see wat happen next to Crikey... well dont worry.

more to see more to come.

we went to the 3 sisters with tis mitsubishi something something.. (im bad at cars)

It was a nitemare at 3 sisters.. nitemare .. its like a kingdom of flies. or like in LOTR Sauron is tired of orcs and decided to spawn flies instead...

they were everywhere and we start competing who has the most fly on their back..

Neway here is

PART 2 : Steve Irwins Brother

Things to look out in this video.
1. 00.17 acted like nothing happen coz there is someone coming
2. 00.21 Jone has big nose
3. 00.37 Jone actually lift the bottle over me from my bag.
4. 00.52 When evonne ask how to zoom in, i think she is forcing the lens to zoom, jus listen (ouch)

Next .... PART 3 : The New Bird

eventually we lost to this uncle on the fly contest.


I know working life is not easy.. its terrible But one have to work to survive.

Its hard when u feel stuck and there is no one there to help you, i might not totally understand but i hope u know that i alwaz support you.. alwaz..



and Emotionally

sometimes i may not be there all the time.

so whenever you need a lift from your sadness and you cant find me when u need me the most.. i hope this post may light up your happiness.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

For Shui Fen Fen

Yo yo Shui Fen remember the Kingdom Hearts i said. Do you want it.. hehe took pictures of it. N i went to check on Ebay.. Seal in a box.. for Sora is around Rm100 ++ Jus for sora !. But too bad mine is not seal but in good condition. Dont know im gona regret tis or not but.. its in my cupboard long time ago. Ask your bro How much will he offer. HEHEHE. dont tell him wat we discuss earlier in mamak. Shh....


I onli have the box for Sora (kingdom hearts 2) but its opend so u can imagine how it looks like. Teared. LOL


Long long time ago.. when i was still in Aus. Visit Jone in Sydney. Have lots of fun. Went 3 sisters.

Rented a car and drove there. Was so excited to see the sisters.

In my mind it was this image all the time. Waited anxiously for 3 hours in the car and we finally arrived.

Credit to those who can actually guess all the girls ive imagine to be the 3 sisters.

Quite depressed all i see was 3 rocks ... which i think is nothing impressive but at least when someone talk bout 3 sisters, i wont fantasize anymore.

but its a fun place to go if you are with the right company. I went there with Evonne and Jone. So its FUN.

Steve Irwin jus strike me when Jon was videoing with his camera. So we decided to do a few episodes.

Episode 1 : The rise of Steve Irwin.

Things to look out in this video.
1. 00.25 Jone starts being abit gay.
2. 00.29 i said Nike, i think Evonne thought i say ugly.
3. 01.26 there is a fly trying to kiss me.

Neway episode 2 will be up soon. Episode 2 : Steve Irwins Brother

Oh by the way, if u guys wana see how 3 sisters is, i have one in my room.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tagged from Justin

Here are the rules for tis tag.

-Put your music player on shuffle
-Press forward for each question
-Use the song title as the answer to every question
-With the answer, comment on how it relates to the question
-tag your mates! (not gona tag anyone, no response)

OKie here goes.. tis is tough i tell u..Im trying hard justin.. hahah

1.What do you want to learn when you are young ?
Magic - Colbie Caillat

2.How do you feel with your life now ?
Thankful - Josh Groban.

3.When you mom calls you to do something, whats the first thing in your mind ?
Fade Away - Olivia

4.Best Game song u like ?
Aerith's Theme - FFVII

5.What can the world do for you ?
Love Me - Norah Jones

6.Who are you thinking now ?
Girlfriend - Marie Digby

7.Childhood memories ?
The Chipmunks Song - Alvin & the Chipmunks

8.Spiderman ?
Ill Never Get Enough Of You - Air Supply

9.Have you ever think u will be gay ?
Let Me Think About It - Ida Corr (dont know where i get this song from)

10.Where are all your money ?
Gone - Chris Daughtry

11.Clubbing ?
Do It Again - Chemical Brothers

12.... Erm... Say something ?
Theresa Prelude - Citizen Cope

13.Wats your teenage life like ?
We Are Young And Beautiful - Carrie Underwood

14.Embarrassing moment ?
If I Fell - Jason Castro

15.Best thing knowing you and your gang ?
We Will Rock You / We Are The Champions - Michael Johns

16.What to aspect in your love life ?
Forever Love - Lee Hom

17.Ever wanted to be Lim Goh Tong ?
I Have Dreamed - Frank Sinatra

18.How do you live your life ?
This Is My Now - Jordin Sparks ( wah lau yeh.. no sense... damn hard la justin tis tag.. cracking my head d )

19.What will you say to Evonne?
Im your Angel - Celine Dion

20.Will you ever die ?
For Once In My Life - Michael Buble

21.Petrol price increase ?
How Insensitive - Olivia

22.Go to your closet and open, what do you see ?
Unfold - Marie Digby

23.Who do you play with when you are alone ?
Me And My Shadow - Frank Sinatra (tis bugger keeps coming out)

24.Are you successful now ?
I Will Be - Leona Lewis

25.Living in Malaysia is ?
Beautiful Life - TVXQ (sarcastically ya)

PHEW ... !! im done woo hoo not no more tags i owe... oh tis can be in Jeremys blog of Record. No pics for the first time.

Monday, June 23, 2008


I got tis from Evonne.

I dun have to tell u what jersey is this rite.. im sure everyone knows.

When i got it i was so happy n stun coz i will never dream of having an ori jersey coz of the price.. but guess wat. HEHEH i got it. TING KA YU EVONNE ! MUA HAHHA

So happy tat i went and celebrate with the players when they won the EPL cup.

BUT.. i have more..

Do you know which club is this from ..No not F**K CHI B*I la.. aiyo, its BARCELONA. Recently Toh went uk to further his studies and Julian went to visit him. and when he came back... its a best present.. hahaha.

another jersey from the gang..TING KA YU TOH N JULIAN.
Being a country tat is so crazy bout soccer.. some jersey there are dirt cheap. Toh is still there...(hint hint)

haha remmeber this picture i had in my earlier post.. i guess no one realize it and i told Julian about it. If you see properly hahaha

I was with them.. ehehe

Friday, June 20, 2008

A post For Chris. (bro)

Yo pher. guess wat i got. Take a look.

woo hoo another kotobukiya artfx Spider-man. Damn Chun

hehehe cannot tahan the chunness.

the size is about the same as the one on flag pole.

But the main reason of tis post is not tat.. hehe its this

ehehe recognize the box ?

Yes its ur Tifa.. finally i got it for u. EHEHE but once again its not about tis Tifa too.

Ask you something..Do you miss ur figures.. ive take some pics to show you how are they..

Your final fantasy advent children are all still posing strong.. nothing fell..

youe narutos are doing fine..

and also your havent have chance to put on display final fantasy 7 game version, they are still sitting quietly in their box.

Strange thing is.. its weird.. theres something beside ur cupboard. So i went n open it up. Guess wat i found !


Ive got it for you.. they are here.. !! THEY ARE HERE !! IN YOUR ROOM NOW !!


Cait Sith and red XIII.

Vincent Valentine

Sephiroth anak lelaki Jenova

Yuffie anak pompuan Entah.

HAHAHA wan to see the whole thing ?? wait la.. wait for you to come back and open.. havent open yet .. HEHEHE

Next post.. something to do with Barcelona.