Sunday, June 1, 2008


Yeap its been awhile but the inspiration to blog about tis trip jus came. Went to perhentian with a bunch of Julians fren for class trip.

we took a bus and reach terrenganu around 5.30 am in the morning. We ate breakfast and wait for the boat to take us over to Perhentian.

We waited and waited and waited...

till lunch.. and still we wait..and finally the boat arrive. Too many to go into one so we split into 2 different boats.

so me,evonne,justin,julian and toh took another one and guess wat.. half way the boat dieded.. CIZ !! we have to turn back and wait againe for another one, but its a good thing coz the next boat driver is frenly. He even let me drive the boat.

drove it for about 10-20 seconds.. i felt the pressure coz not onli my life is in danger but also other passengers besides my gang. LOL.

and finally with the speedoneska we arrive at perhentian. So here is all the activities we did. oh b4 i move on here is everyone tat went perhentian

Top left - pohon(LOL), Wai Kit, BOSS, Alan, Toh, M3 and Julian.
Bottom left - Suk Kwan, Cheryl, Sook Foon, Yok Dai, Evonne, Ah Chin, Justin and Chi Fei.


Some gay swimming session

of course went snorkeling

make faces..

taking picture underwater..

not an easy task.. jus look at all the struggling just to go and stable ourselver in the water.

our boat driver took us out to a place where onli well trained swimmers like us are allowed or advise to go. The current here is very strong but there is tis lihthouse where u can climb and jump from there.

we try to do a sequent jump but i think we failed.

SECOND. Mosquito killing.

weird enough these mosquito onli appears during the day and u wont see any during the nite.

THIRD. Ball.

guys game. Stand in a circle and stand still hands behind. Each and everyone have a chance to throw the ball to anyone. And being us guys we will onli aim one part..


tried to make a pyramid julian

really tried hard to make a lion head.. but failed

so plan change.. we sculpt wat we do best..

the final outcome of it looks interesting but

it was better last year when toh, julian n my bro went to redang.. its the sand i think.. yeah the sand.

we even buried someone.

hehe its me.

FIFTH. Cosplay.

Be careful everyone, spiderman is everywhere nowadays. He appeared in perhentian.

Not onli he takes pictures with his fans but also wear it and run around perhentian.

its not very clear but do stay focus in 2.09 min. U can clearly see spiderman running.
When there is spiderman there is maryjane. So..



SIXTH. Romance.

I get to spend some time with Evonne. HEHE.

some part are jus too ugly.. but actually tis part is not for me.. its for someone else who had some spark during tis trip.

the pic turn out well n nice.

nuff said.

SEVENTH. Hiding fats.


if you dont have it, show it.. LOL

a holding breath (hiding fats) it works shots.

covering body with ur knee while you sit is also another way to cover up. Works too.

staying back a little so tat u look tinier in a way u are thinner. Dont think so it works.

Standing behind. Make sure the people in front is shorter than you. It works.

PHEW.. i think tats about it about my trip to perhentian. Now i officially announce tat tis is blog of record.. the longest post with the total of 30+ pics. WOOO HOO. To end tis.. we shall have another video.

the security guard came tats why we have to stop.. it was recorded when we came back.


Jessica said...

referring to the 6th from the top, the sea water looks to blue. but when i see the subsequent photos, how come the sea colour changes? is it because yuu guys are at different spot? or... that 6th picture somehow just captured and looked nice?

Jeremy said...

haha its different spot and also the sunlight..all tis will make the pic looks diff.. hehehe.