Sunday, June 29, 2008

CRIKEY !! Part 4 ! THE END ?

Its almost done.. almost finish, journey with Steve is fun.

eventually the uncle tat won the fly contest make frens with us and he is the frenliest uncle ive ever met.

He alwaz goes to 3 sisters and entertain us, visitors. Alot of secrets of 3 sisters has been shared by him.

First he reach to his pocket and i was thinking oh shit not a gun ! .. and he took out tis

a devils plant seed/flower .. no idea.. buts its call devil plant coz of the look of it.

then he lent us his binocular

a big one.. not those u bought from toy shop.. these really can peep the girl next door bathing.

tis is wat he call us to look out for... a honey bee nest.

and then the secret of 3 sisters, one of the stone had a face feature on it.

and then some ruins on the mountain...

and now ..... PART 4 : In touch with the 3

Things to look out.
Jus watch...last episode d.

And now Special Edition.

A Death Defying Act By Evonne

Evonne did it anyway with me holding her hands all the way to the 3 sisters.

the frenly uncle even gave me tis book which i dont know where i put it... and i dint even read.. sorry uncle.. haha

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