Tuesday, June 17, 2008


See the shape of the thing.. Nice rite damn nice rite. Round and cute rite.

Yes im talking bout tis new MP3 player that has a shape of a Mickey and its from Disney.

My couz recently got it from somewhere.. (secret shop) lol.. and then she is planning to sell it. She did sell quite a number of it and seems to be working fine. And being a nice couz who has a blog i volunteered to help her promote in my blog.

Comes in one shape but different colours. Clockwise, Lite blue, Red, Black, Silver, Purple, White and the one of a kind Gold... not plated with gold k

the function is something like iPod Shuffle. Put ur music in and start playing. Accept u dont press buttons. Instead u twist the ear to play or skip to the next song. Yau Ying.

Tis is how it looks like and the silicon case can act as a condom.. gives protection to ur mickey (sold separately)

The earphone which u can tie it to ur Mp3 player and hang it on ur neck. Veli yau ying. Since nowadays bling bling are getting bigger and bigger.

Samples of silicon case. (sold separately) Lets say u wan a green Player.. well get a blue one and get one yellow silicon case put it in together and it will come out Green. I hope tat will help.

some ways for you to see wat u can do with ur mickey Mp3 player.

Price is as stated above for more information jus ask anything on cbox and i think my couz will reply you. Ei im not getting any interest....(hint hint)

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