Thursday, April 29, 2010

Almost Neighbours

I was happily going to be the Lim brothers and Kin Wais neighbour, but then something happened and we couldnt be neighbours.

IF we can get that house,

Kin Wais hse is 3 houses away from Julians, and Julians hse is 5 houses away from mine (if we can get the hse) all in the same row... imagine tis

Situation 1
Nite time u ran out of Maggi, u can either

Borrow Ah Wais maid and call her to cook u one but the maid sure tulan or

Ask from Julian a packet of mee or

GO out yum char together in one car !

dont give up hope yet Justin, he is so excited gaying with my bro, we still have hope. If tis really happen

Toh will be the only one furthest away frm us and all alone in OUG. HAHAHAHA

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Very soon..

Few more months...

Monday, April 26, 2010

Batu Caves (first time also)

Once again with the guai lous go for day trip. If its not for them i wont be doing tis. They wanted to visit Batu Caves.

Before we head to Bate Caves we had lunch in the city, near Imbi road. Ipoh Hor Fun the shiokness of it is damn shiok.

Once again 4 of us are heading for a brand new adventure with me being the paparazzi n now the driver.

I dint know it was tat near, hahaha i thought it will b in like some ulu place but its right in the middle of a town. LOL.

first thing i saw was pigeons lots of them

I thought onli Thaipusam the Hindus here for praying but no, they can do it anytime.

Oh not to forget monkeys too were everywhere, very saggy ones.

walked the whole way up, stairs are very steep and narrow, halfway up there

took us come sometime, walk, stop, take pic ,walk, stop, take pic, walk, stop, take pic.

Felt like a winner once we reach the top

Its so empty inside compare to wat i see during the thaipusam on Tv.

And yes we did it, we conquered Batu Caves.

Here is a pictograph showing no shoes.

one of the statues inside the cave.

Evonne n Tina trying to figure all the writings on the wall.

wats a trip without a group trip rite.

Spotted a cow woman on the arch of the entrance.

Here is how far we have walked, about 300 steps. And once we are done here, we decided to go to the pigeons for some pic.

Here is Evonne,

Me with the pigeons, got feel oh, pigeons flying sumore. Its not easy to make them fly all they do is jus walk away. really have to run damn fast.

Here are the girls running all by themselves but no pigeon give a damn.

And the best pic for the day, Robocop Returns.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Graphic Designer (is it just me?)

Im a Graphic Designer.

For me, being one has not alwaz been fun, u have to learn to be patient, when there is no work u really have nothing to do, when there is work, its alwaz urgent.

I do feel frust when feedback came at 6pm for changes and expect you to finish it by then. And while u were waiting for their confirmation they happily go have their dinner while u wait for their feedback.

Actually i dont mind doing that for the clients, cause its part of my job,

but why must clients have to be mean.. not a word of appreciation from them, nothing tat says ur work is nice, good job, i like it, things like tis..

to make it worst, the feedback alwaz came back with alot of changes and its never good, ridiculous changes that u sometimes think , do u really suck at design.

logo bigger, bigger, ermm put more to the left, up abit, down, bigger... tis are the things u will get alwaz, u do feel bad for urself or worst, like a dog.

but even if u r a dog, ur owner knows ur name n appreciate everything you do, but does the clients knows who is behind all their artwork, i doubt it.

sometimes u really really feel like punching, kicking, kame-hame-ha-ing them n also cursing them like very very very very very bad curse to release ur anger

but at the end of the day, in reality u still have to do the works given to you and pretend you dont mind. Nope im not complaining, i still like my job, but im just sharing.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A visit from Ausie

Friends from Australia came to Malaysia for visit, n asked her for help.

They wanted to go Central Market, and being a good Malaysian i brought them there with Evonne. Well I have not been to Central Market for ages, the last time i went there it was not air-conditionered. To my surprise is so clean n organize.

So many stuff their selling, lots of handcrafts stuff. And all i did was be a paparazzi follow them anywhere n snap pics.

after awhile we stop by Old Town for a tea break.

Coffee with a love on it.

Once finished, they cont shopping, oh btw the one at the back is Tina n the front is Angeline. Crazy when they shop.... spent like hours in Central Market.. really killing me. Even they cant stand the tirednes and so happen there is tis tiny fish spa at the corner of Central Market.

They were so excited giggling and laughing all the way there. I dint do it coz my job is to take pics not to enjoy.

Look at all the fish once they soak the whole feet in. According to my research the more u walk in a day the more fish u will attract.

Nah im jus made up the attracting fish thing. Hm... but they look damn high. LOL.

and for dinner we walked all the way to Petaling Street for tis famous ikan bakar, the spicyness is memang crazy, even i cant take the spicyness.

They said its delicious but its too spicy for them.

i bet they will have the ring of fire the next day, which they did.

after dinner, they continue shopping again in Petaling Street... bought so many stuff... ei ei see the pic saw anyone familiar ?

ada orang came by too. Toh, Julian and Leanne came and join us for dinner and shopping.

TA DA! they expected too much hahah thought super leng lui.. tats why toh n julian came by to see see look look.

So tats my day in KL, really a day in KL, I dint even teman Evonne before for shopping that long.

Next stop, a rock with a cave.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Aquaria the first time.

Has anyone been to Kim Gary lately... i jus did today, for lunch, n damn the menus....

i think Kim Gary has the most confusing menu in tis world, kudos for those who can figure out which is which... they have like super banyak menu, super banyak paper... and super duper confusing.

Take a look at my super new keyboard protector.. like it can protect my keyboard frm anything liquid, ehem ehem..

its so damn cheap, i bought it in ebay... some places are selling RM50+, some selling RM30+ n i bought it onli for.... dun wan tell.

oh and not to forget.. something magical for my birthday by my dear dear, a magic mouse, and a red mouse pad to go with my keyboard protector.

OK finish cakaping now balik to my post title. Went to aquaria few weeks ago.

I got the tickets from matta fair earlier for RM20 each, bought 2

and dated Evonne, kekekeke

Tis is our first time to Aquaria, and its not a bad place to visit, really, i was jus aspecting fish, fish fish and more fish.

but its like some mini zoo like super mini with exotic creatures.

Insects you dont get to see everyday.

Turtles tat are alwaz smiling at you.

Life cycle of a tadpole to an adult frog... stuff like tat. Somehow tis frog reminds me of some anime character frog, if u watch Naruto the anime u might know wat i mean.

Seeing a bunch of piranha finishing up a.... ikan... er... ikan la... dunno wat ikan isit, but they finish it up in 1 minute 48 sec.


frogs again...

for 25 years in tis world, tis is something new to me, Lionfish is not ikan singa, its ikan ayam...

The most interesting and exciting part is the underwater tunnel.

u step on to a sushi belt like trail and it will jus move, the glass actually makes the fishes looks much bigger

The creatures there are all so frenly, they keep smile at u.

small fish following big fish all over the aquarium...

really exciting view under the water but wat sucks the most is tis...

the jelly fish part sucks big time, i thought i will see some super graceful jellyfish dancing around, but no, the lighting is so bad i cant take any pic . N they are so tiny..

Compare to the seaworld (i think so tats wat its called) in Langkawi, the jellyfish are so damn big n beautiful

tats the onli thing tat upset me, the jellyfish.. the very thing i wanted to take pic of in Aquaria

And so tat is my first time experience in Aquaria.