Thursday, April 29, 2010

Almost Neighbours

I was happily going to be the Lim brothers and Kin Wais neighbour, but then something happened and we couldnt be neighbours.

IF we can get that house,

Kin Wais hse is 3 houses away from Julians, and Julians hse is 5 houses away from mine (if we can get the hse) all in the same row... imagine tis

Situation 1
Nite time u ran out of Maggi, u can either

Borrow Ah Wais maid and call her to cook u one but the maid sure tulan or

Ask from Julian a packet of mee or

GO out yum char together in one car !

dont give up hope yet Justin, he is so excited gaying with my bro, we still have hope. If tis really happen

Toh will be the only one furthest away frm us and all alone in OUG. HAHAHAHA

1 comment:

gaiden said...

hey yuu guys are buying houses? where??

btw, shui fen here. lol.