Thursday, April 22, 2010

A visit from Ausie

Friends from Australia came to Malaysia for visit, n asked her for help.

They wanted to go Central Market, and being a good Malaysian i brought them there with Evonne. Well I have not been to Central Market for ages, the last time i went there it was not air-conditionered. To my surprise is so clean n organize.

So many stuff their selling, lots of handcrafts stuff. And all i did was be a paparazzi follow them anywhere n snap pics.

after awhile we stop by Old Town for a tea break.

Coffee with a love on it.

Once finished, they cont shopping, oh btw the one at the back is Tina n the front is Angeline. Crazy when they shop.... spent like hours in Central Market.. really killing me. Even they cant stand the tirednes and so happen there is tis tiny fish spa at the corner of Central Market.

They were so excited giggling and laughing all the way there. I dint do it coz my job is to take pics not to enjoy.

Look at all the fish once they soak the whole feet in. According to my research the more u walk in a day the more fish u will attract.

Nah im jus made up the attracting fish thing. Hm... but they look damn high. LOL.

and for dinner we walked all the way to Petaling Street for tis famous ikan bakar, the spicyness is memang crazy, even i cant take the spicyness.

They said its delicious but its too spicy for them.

i bet they will have the ring of fire the next day, which they did.

after dinner, they continue shopping again in Petaling Street... bought so many stuff... ei ei see the pic saw anyone familiar ?

ada orang came by too. Toh, Julian and Leanne came and join us for dinner and shopping.

TA DA! they expected too much hahah thought super leng lui.. tats why toh n julian came by to see see look look.

So tats my day in KL, really a day in KL, I dint even teman Evonne before for shopping that long.

Next stop, a rock with a cave.

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