Wednesday, April 30, 2008

World Premiere Spider-Man 4

The world premiere for spider-man 4 is exactly on 18 of april 2008. Its was a wonderful day. The guest are wonderful and perfect for tis events. Those tat had the opportunity to join tis event was
Evonne, Toh, Julian, Justin, Kin Wai, Lynda, Han, Soon, Kae Min, Shin Ying,Tina, Lessayno, Yumeko, Johnny, Rachel, Jun Fei, bro Adrian and gf Kelly, couz Fui Kee n Fui Sin, family members dan lain lain.

At around 8 pm guests starts to come.

All the guest are serve with either bbq or mee suah and either side dishes.

Everyone was very excited when they heard there will be a real spider-man. So some vip guest was invited to the changing room of peter parker.

It was very successful.

while waiting for him to chnage we shall take a look at the new poster made.

It is said the villain tis time are the clones. Its the CLONE SAGA.

i dont want to spoil the ending but i have to let it out coz its really unexpected, spider-mans dad was the one who later on saves spider-man.

but the main attraction tat day was we caught spider-man keep adjusting his.. ahem.. too big i guess.

but i have to say again. It was a GREAT night. Thanks to all tis guests.

last but not least. We also have to thank the producers for making tis happen.

Oh oh, not to forget the goodie bags.

To download tis wallpaper, simply click on it and save it. Then set it as your wallpaper.

One of the most download wallpaper. Once again, Thanks everyone for making tis happen. THANKS !

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Soundcard for Macs

If you have a Macbook or any apple macs and you wan to have a 5.1 surround sound on it. I have the answer and its a cheap answer. I did alot of research coz i have 5.1 speaker at home and its not use since i dont use my pc anymore. So wat i did was.. i bought tis on ebay.. yes.. Ebay again. I think i have a habit of my fren John. Went to Mac shop in mv.. ask them about making my macbook to 5.1 speaker..ask till they walk here n there helping to find solution (which i already know) in their shops and they cant help at all and then cursing them stupid to myself. Tats John. LOL.

so it jus arrive while im PSP ing with someone in england.. hehehe.. have to stop the game after tat.

Its call the FireWave from Griffin. The look of the package is simple, so it doesnt look powderful.. but dont just judge the look of it.

No adapter needed.. it uses firewire as the energy source. and also it has another slot for the firewire for ur other firewire stuff.

One of the problem i have when researching tis soundcard is there are no picture of it from the back view. So let me show it here.

Here are the specs.
Audio Ports: 3 - 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo minijacks (Left/Right, Center/Subwoofer, Left Surround/Right Surround)
FireWire Ports: 2
Supported Audio Formats: Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II
Additional audio configurations are supported through Mac OS X's Audio MIDI Setup utility
Frequency Response: 20-20,000Hz
Line-out voltage: 2Vpp
Size: 132mm (5.20”) wide x 77mm (2.83”) deep x 25mm (0.98”) tall

I personally think tis is the best solution for now.. for onli RM120 included shipping fee.. WORTH.. but u have to be in ebay everyday to hunt for cheap stuff.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

PSP with the world.

Have been trying to do tis thing a long long time. Ever since in Australia ive being trying ways to make my psp to play games online. At last i did it.. I did it... WOO HOO !!

been reading forums.. researching with this and tat.. n furthermore not many gamers use macs...

in the end i cant believe my eyes im in a game with someone i dont know...see thats me on the right, although we cant chat in the game itself
we can chat it using the program tat supports the game..the game i tried so far is onli Monster Hunter 2 which ive wanted to tried it online.

played for 2 hours.. killed alot of monsters..

but one thing tat annoys me the most bout tis program is the icon... its bloody UGLY !! cant live with it on my mac.. must change the icon soon.

Coming Soon

There will be a new movie coming out soon. Most probably some of you have miss out the movie. But dont worry. It will be here in tis blog soon.

Thanks everyone for making tis happen. Best sequel amongst all.
Here i manage to go into their fitting room to snap a few pics. Eventually tis pic is their teaser poster for tis movie.

Best tailored designer costume. Specially made to fit the actor.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Unimaginable thing i did.

Was trying to download idol gives back for tis season and i ended up downloaded last seasons. So i watched it and then went to download tis years idol give back. All the clips was very sad and it really touched me. Rite after the first idol give back, i went to the website and did tis

ive decided to Provide a day's worth of nutritious hot meals and snacks for 3 kids in a U.S. feeding program. So ive actually helped 3 kids. But actually i want to give it to the malaria victims. but oh well let them put the money to good use.

Click on the 20 dollar and then start filling up the details. Neway ive converted it to rm.. US20 is onli RM63 which i think it will be easily spend one day, so why not save the one day money and give it to them.

Now there.. i did it.. so for those who wants to donate you can actually log on to

and feel free to donate as much as you can.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

CNY prank

No more SPOT Day.

Chinese New year just pass a few months ago. When we had a dinner, all of my cousins gather. and i decided to pull a prank on one of them. and tis is wat i did.. u know how we felt when we see an ang pou on th floor. We will want to say its ours.

So i put a tissue paper inside and then throw it at a corner.

and then i call out and said who drops his or her ang pou.. and rite then my target pass by.

she took it back and i dint tell her anything.. and inside the tissue paper i wrote something..

Im so getting hate by her...

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Video not for weak stomach.


Not worth putting my spiderman for tis post..

Been browsing through the web and i found tis once in a lifetime dare-daring unbelievable clip. PLEASE do not eat while u are watching it.. its a dare to those who wana try.
ADOI dun click the pic.. its jus a pic.. copy the website below n open it in a new window.And if it has any pop up jus click no and u can happily watch the video. CLICK NO

Please watch it without ur parents araound, siblings are all welcomed. May contain some nudity.

and also do wait for it to finish loading.. ITS A MUST to wait for it to finish loading. be patient.

Things i learn from this video.

These ppl are crazier then me coz i played with a dried one b4. (from a dog)
Humans are capable in doing anything... mayb they are not human..