Sunday, April 20, 2008

PSP with the world.

Have been trying to do tis thing a long long time. Ever since in Australia ive being trying ways to make my psp to play games online. At last i did it.. I did it... WOO HOO !!

been reading forums.. researching with this and tat.. n furthermore not many gamers use macs...

in the end i cant believe my eyes im in a game with someone i dont know...see thats me on the right, although we cant chat in the game itself
we can chat it using the program tat supports the game..the game i tried so far is onli Monster Hunter 2 which ive wanted to tried it online.

played for 2 hours.. killed alot of monsters..

but one thing tat annoys me the most bout tis program is the icon... its bloody UGLY !! cant live with it on my mac.. must change the icon soon.

1 comment:

Jessica said...

huh?? serious?? cool wei! only mac OS can do that? windows cannot?