Thursday, April 17, 2008

Unimaginable thing i did.

Was trying to download idol gives back for tis season and i ended up downloaded last seasons. So i watched it and then went to download tis years idol give back. All the clips was very sad and it really touched me. Rite after the first idol give back, i went to the website and did tis

ive decided to Provide a day's worth of nutritious hot meals and snacks for 3 kids in a U.S. feeding program. So ive actually helped 3 kids. But actually i want to give it to the malaria victims. but oh well let them put the money to good use.

Click on the 20 dollar and then start filling up the details. Neway ive converted it to rm.. US20 is onli RM63 which i think it will be easily spend one day, so why not save the one day money and give it to them.

Now there.. i did it.. so for those who wants to donate you can actually log on to

and feel free to donate as much as you can.

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