Monday, December 17, 2007

A Partay ..!!

And here I am back again, was busy going places the past few weeks/months. Ok, ok. Tis pary happen way back time. Weve got invited to a bday party.

It was on the 30th of november, me and evonne was invited to a bar called SO BAR, the whole place was booked for the event and tat is for Biljanah aka Bambo bday. WOO HOO..

when we reach there we were given a coupon to order any drinks we like. Well we sat at a corner, sipping our drinks looking around at first. and then came Bil with a challenge, SHOTS

Its my first tequila shot in my life ! so excited MUA HAHAHA when there is once there is alwaz more.. and then came evonne and fionne togeda..

No one was drunk. And later on, the cake was carried out

well i got to say her cake is more funkier than my 21st bday cake.

rite after the bday ritual the the liquor starts to kick in, i felt abit high.. LOL

all my dance dance revolution move from ps2 started to come in LOL which i dont think its nice.. but who cares..

moments later Bambos family gather around and start doing the macedonian dance, which is kinda cool and easy to pick up.. heheh it last about and hour

one last pic before we miss the train but i remember taking a limo back

hm... see i have proof.. hmm.. mayb im abit drunk.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Anak Bison

Today is the anak bisons birthday.. who is he ?
He is Fabian Toh Wai Choong. Happy Birthday. Here are some of the pics of him from the day i know him till now.

ENJOY... its not easy to look for all the bisons face.. too bad i cant BBQ with you guys.. haiz


Summer in Australia, HOT, buts tats not the problem to me since im from Malaysia. One thing tat annoys me alot is FLIES.

FLIE + SSSSSSSSS. Wherever you go they will stick on you. And tis flies are different from Malaysia. Flies in Aus have big balls, They are not afraid of you, even if you shoo them or blow them or watever shit, they will still come back to you, worst dont give a damn n stick on you till you really try to flick them away.

Its alrite to have them taking a ride at the back or my shirt but the most annoying part is all of the flies are gay, they jus wan kiss you on the face. Jus imagine where their feet landed on before they stick on ur face. Tis leads me to make something jus to protect my face. Its easy all you need is

Tissue (serviette), sticky tape ( masking, scotch etc) and marker for decoration purpose onli.

First, stick the tapes on each side of the serviette, OH ya make sure its big enuf to cover yer face.

and jus stick it on your face, make holes for the eyes and mouth. To make sure it doesnt look like a paper covering your face, draw some facial features on it.

and now you are ready to face the flies, proudly walk out to the neighborhood and give it a try. You wont have to slap on ur face anymore.

Try not to use permanent marker, not onli it smells good but ITS PERMANENT

and NEVER EVER decorate your mask when you are wearing it or else

....... lesson learnt

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Siu Pak

In loving memory of my pet hamster, Siu Pak. She pass away

Jus a few days before her death, we were jus talking bout her, how i wish she could wait for me to go back and see her. I know she has not much time left, she is old but i jus hope she waits for me to get back.

According to my brother, she died peacefully without any bleeding or fur coming off. I regret of not holding her often the days when she was still alive. Lets have a moment of silent to those who are reading tis.......

her graveyard is rite at the back or my house in Puchong, if you guys wana go visit, go ahead.

Thank you


During summer there are alot alot of insects emerge out of nowhere. And my house is well known for having pets around, now its also known to have insects now, and its not onli moths but also SPIDERS

these you can easily get one anywhere in Malaysia as well but the next 2 its a new species to me

when my frens see spider they will call me to let the spiders bite, coz tats how Peter parker became spider-man, but im not tat stupid to let the spiders bite me, i wont turn into spider-man, BUT

if its a glowing spider, its a different story, its a radio active spider and ill rush my hand to it or jus irritate the spider so tat he will pierce its fangs into my hand.

and then.. i can use my tin mask as a temporary mask...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mac Os Leopard !

Recently Apple came out with a new operating system, I want one, and so i did.

Time to instal.. WOOO HOOO

Hours later.. its all done and im so happy to try out the new stuff.. n here are some of it.

New Dashboard

A new function called STACK, where u put it in ur dashboard and make your desktop looks cleaner without any icon on it coz all of it is in stack

Time Machine, automatically back up all you files for you, even you have deleted it,weeks later u can still retrieve it. External hard disk require

by pressing space bar on ur keyboard, u can view the contents of the file straight away without opening the supported sortware, example pdf, doc etc

no more jpeg icon anymore, you can actually view the content of the jpeg now which windows already had tat feature long time ago.

view files with style

Spaces, erm.. lets you create a few 'monitor' so tat u can have much bigger space to do your work. Try it to understand .. LOL

and and tis is damn cool for font lovers, now u can jus press print on any font chosen and they will automatically help you layout nicely.

and new and improve photo booth, drag and drop any background and you can fake your way to anywhere.

But i discover something, apple is also trying to let us know they are not as white as u guys think, simply jus put the packaging of the leopard software togeda and

MEOW ..!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Base on a TRUE story.

as requested by Julian, It happened back in Malaysia..

What happen next was, they have to be pulled away from each other and the game stopped. No one was hurt or bleed. The climax of the story was the taking out shirt part.