Saturday, September 29, 2007

Yuit Kwong Kwong .. (moon bright bright) the nite before

It was the nite before the day we gonna celebrate moon cake festival. Leeq came to my place to ready all the food. We have chicken , sausage, calamari, mooncake and erm .. bacon, mushroom , potatoes .. cant remember any more, i think tats about it. The chickens have to be marinate a day before the party starts.

First we will have the chickens.

and garlics... LOTs of garlic..

calamari to go with curry powder

Leeq then slowly and tenderly wash all of the chiken wings one by one.

Evonne helps leeq with the marinating.

and when the marinating is about to start leeq, my student is prepared to stick his finger into the chickens.. here goes

abit of lee kum kee oyster sauce, sesame oil, pepper..

and while he is stirring all the sauce im busy chopping the garlics..

once its done.. the garlic will be mix with the chicken

oooo la la... Once its all done, i have made diner while they were marinating


Cant wait for the next day...

Helping out in Swinburne.

Remember this post when i said i help out as a volunteer as a host.

well here is wat we did on the final day.

the venue was in Hawthorn and its like a gathering for all the new enrollment student in swinbure. The event start at 6 and we need to go there by 4.

When we reach there, we have nothing much to do.. we walk around... stand around... and i finally found a place to sit for a rest..

i was jus closing my eyes... when its finally 6pm ppl start showing up .. and tat where we had SOMEthing to do

ill jus stand behind the food bar and give away plates, which people can actually do it by themselves. And we have the priority to jus grab the food from the counter.. such as

cotton candy

popcorn which is salty and onli salty. There is onli one type of popcorn in Melbourne, SALTY



n who the hell was tat behind? he jus went at the back of us and stand there ... the weird thing is he even ask to see how he look on the camera...

but when everything is over, tats when we need to do the cleaning.. but we had fun tat day.. because of this particular indian tat stand out during the performance.. He looks like Mr Bean

Cocoa & Coffee

We pass by this small poster in a milkbar(kedai runcit terkecil) near our place.

We were discussing whether to get one or not, and we took in consideration of

1. Its free
2. When we go back we will either pass to our frens tat is staying here longer or let go to the wild
3. The lady names was Miriam which makes me thinks of Miriam Cheung

We call and went to her place. Pass by this bloody big plant.

And when we reach there it was kinda scary. Her front yard is like a jungle. Her hallway was so so so messy.. im thinking will this be like hostel where they lure with something nice you and then kill you...

But then she took us all the way to her backyard and the guinea pigs is everywhere.. Its like in pokemon where u need to cacth the one you like.




Cocoa was the first one who did the the high kick.


tis is wat offee does only.. alwaz stick with Cocoa.. and they are both males..

how i really wish they are like pokemon which they can jus live in a pokeball.. to save money we bought a container and everything else is jus recycle... shredded paper, Ideal box.. food container etc etc .. recycle

Its not easy to be a Guinea pig trainer...

Dont destroys a childs dream..

Kien Wei my brothers friend and recently he joined tis trickmaster thingi to show off his skill on the net so that people can vote for him.So he send me the website and i voted for him 10 times (max). He really wans it so much by bribing me with spiderman LOL so i guess if anyone have time jus click on the link and vote for him.

1. click on the link
2. go to the video (new window will pop-up)
3. Jus press vote for 10 times.

On behalf of him i would like to say thank you.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

More on Pixars zoetrope

Thanks to e xiang, he manage to sneak a camera into the pixar thing and record the zoetrope im talking about in the previous post. Its worth the time to load although the file is kinda big.. watch it..

Monday, September 17, 2007

wuo.. we are going to PIXAR

Im sure you guys know what Pixar is rite. There is an exhibition held here in Australia and its something i think it can be missed.

Thanks to Leeq, he gave us buy one get one free coupon for free. Thanks. So it onli cost us 5 dollar each.

Rite in front of the exhibition it was the lamp tat was in the logo of pixar. It jus shine on me like im the choosen one.

Evonne even had her dress code, same corporate colour. Will see why when she stand beside Sulley ( monster inc.)

Tis is er.. dunno wats her name from cars.. tis car IS THE REAL CAR.. its a real porche rite near the ticketing counter.. and y do i look grumpy after buying the tickets.. no cameras are allowed to take in to the exhibition. Of course we brought our cameras in wanting to steal some shots. but too many security walking around making it hard..

There are alot of statues alot which they need to make before they do make it into a cg. Very very detail.

And also one particular thing called the zoetrope. Its just amazing how it works.

(It consists of a cylinder with slits cut vertically in the sides. Beneath the slits, on the inner surface of the cylinder, is a band which has either individual frames from a video/film or images from a set of sequenced drawings or photographs. As the cylinder spins, the user looks through the slits at the pictures on the opposite side of the cylinder's interior. The scanning of the slits keeps the pictures from simply blurring together, so that the user sees a rapid succession of images producing the illusion of motion, the equivalent of a motion picture. Cylindrical zoetropes have the property of causing the images to appear thinner than their actual sizes when viewed in motion through the slits)

all i can take is the 2 main charaters from monster inc. Sulley and

and Mike which they dont even look at the camera.

One of their award they won in the emmys for short film

We also have a chance to win one of the original artwork by simply filling up a form with ur name and email address. I dont think i will win but then no harm trying.

Core of my psp (psp fans only)

At last.. the moment i have been waiting for, the very main reason i bought my psp.. its here, finally here.

FINAL FANATSY CRISIS CORE ... Thanks to Lessayno with his fast speed connection he maage finish the 1.6 gb game within 2 days ! i would have take 5 days..

look at the beautiful rendered Zach.. (charaters name) and the beautiful male hand tat is holding the beautiful PSP..

the very main problem for me is.. its in japanese.. but who cares, i jus wan to see the graphics and the gameplay. I think so far tis is the best 3d game as in graphic tat is in PSP..

here is a video of the game, sorry for the bad quality, but u guys can load faster.
Another reason for those who wana get a psp.. droooooling.. one video is never enuf..
let me show u another cgi from the game..

Frens will alwaz be frens.

Yesterday i went to the city with Evonne and we were walking around melbourne central. On our way to Office works. There was tis gal tat walk right pass me and Evonne, jus like in the movies where someone you wana meet jus walk right pas you and they dint get to meet up. Its different from the movies, right after she walk pass me, i stop n shouted her name.. and there she was looking as suprise as me.. Diane, hehe

Suprise suprise, tis is fate..

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The curse of footbal...

It was a few years ago, me n the gag went for soccer in an indoor arena. This is the day when we know Toh is not tat tough after all. We were happily playing n all of a sudden say his chest is painful and he walk out of the pitch telling us to go on without him. Before this he even climb up from the toilet door to peep on me peeing. When the game ended like 1 hour later.. Toh said he cant stand the pain anymore, so we jus walk slowly to his car. He cant drive and one of us have to drive. I was scolded coz the car was jerking badly because of the brake which i cant handle the break well coz of the pressure tat is different from my car.

Not onli tat he even call us to go fill up his petrol when he is in pain,he is worried his mom will scold him, LOL tats where we change driver, the bad thing was me n jon actually went in to the mart n bought some drink (selamba). The drive now was either Julian or Jon, cant remember. When we reach home we notice Tohs face went pale.. n tat is the time things get intense, called his mom out n then his mom quickly take him to a nearby clinic, n the doctor told his mom to take him to the hospital immediately.

So everything is fine now. There is something bleeding in his chest tat made his lungs went wrong. It jus make him hard to breath.

Tis was taken when he was in ICU. Toh has curse the picture. Now the curse is finally over because...

today Toh jus told me that Julian masuk hospital, and started laughing, so i guess there inst anything serious bout it. His left elbow was dislocated AFTER the semifinal tournament, TRAINING with his goalkeeper. This is how it happens.

Arrogant thinking he will score

Arrogant Goal Keeper that will do watever it takes not to let arrogant Julian score

Realize this is not a keeper to mess with..

Its too late for Julian and also he misses his goal...

Its toooo late... but in his mind thinking of the song
- If onli i can turn back time...

Try to keep cool, holding his coolness.. but

who the hell can stand it when the arm was this bad.. ans so he burst out in tears...

He is fine now.. will Julian ever curse this picture.. hm... hope not

I represent all of them to send you this regards.