Saturday, September 29, 2007

Yuit Kwong Kwong .. (moon bright bright) the nite before

It was the nite before the day we gonna celebrate moon cake festival. Leeq came to my place to ready all the food. We have chicken , sausage, calamari, mooncake and erm .. bacon, mushroom , potatoes .. cant remember any more, i think tats about it. The chickens have to be marinate a day before the party starts.

First we will have the chickens.

and garlics... LOTs of garlic..

calamari to go with curry powder

Leeq then slowly and tenderly wash all of the chiken wings one by one.

Evonne helps leeq with the marinating.

and when the marinating is about to start leeq, my student is prepared to stick his finger into the chickens.. here goes

abit of lee kum kee oyster sauce, sesame oil, pepper..

and while he is stirring all the sauce im busy chopping the garlics..

once its done.. the garlic will be mix with the chicken

oooo la la... Once its all done, i have made diner while they were marinating


Cant wait for the next day...


Jessica said...

wow... fettucine looks so yummy..

Jeremy said...