Tuesday, October 2, 2007

BBQ sort of aussie style

21 Sep, we had a BBQ in conjunction with Moon Cake Festival.

We've planned everything out. We are gona have it behind my apartment where there is a public for everyone. But too bad its a hot plate, but who cares. Here are the people tat are in the party..

First roll from left
Lessayno (Mern Juin), Johnny, Ash and Daya
Second roll from left
M3, Rachel, Evonne,Pauline,Yunnie,Julia,Yi Xiang and Leeq
Third roll

we have 2 very dedicated chef which tat cooks all the food whole time. hehehe Ash and Johnny.

as u can see its extremely dark, EXTREMELY, and we need light in order to cook and we tried alot of stuff..

lantern.. which is useless coz of the strong wind.. and we came up with a solution..

Hand fones flash..

It was so bright...

well we have to take turns to hold the hand fone coz its tiring to keep the light on the hotplate. The good thing bout it was u can jus rab anything from the hoptplate and eat.. and i cont mind doing tat the whole time.. LOL

Lucky we were smart enough to bake the chicken first before cooking it on the hotplate or else it will take forever..

and we are pretty sure Leeq is satisfied with his marinating skill..

having fun playin tit tit kam.. but not me..

AND CHEERS... we pack our stuff back to our apartment and we are having a surprise for Lessayno..

A surprise bufday party !! n it was a success alrite..


argh.. candles too bright ..

and TAKE


and TAKE


I have some performance too to entertain the bufday boy, and also because i dint get to play it just now.. and then its off to group pics.. and it all started when we tried to imitate ppl posses when they take pics..

Leeq default pose. its all about the lips

Yi Xiangs default pose.. eyes mus be big

Johnnys default pose.. BIG smile

we have a potential candidate for president if u pay attention to one fella at the back line.

and one of suggested to have a family pic like picture... and because we are from malaysia, wats a family pic without a Malay style pic..

again a potential candidate on the first roll from the back..
after all the family pic is done, everyone jus settle down chit chat..

we thought of something else to do and...


the cleaning was ever a good thing to do..


Jessica said...

yur pictures are going to drain off all my saliva!!!

Jeremy said...

HEHE .. if onli its not using hotplate i think it will looks way better. haiz