Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Best gadjet !!

Have you ever had a problem when u wash ur clothes, annoying lint jus pop up from ur clothes , making it looks old and ugly.. well i have.
Happens to my jacket..

ew... ugly ugly.. but not to worry .. for onli 5 dollar and abit of patience you can clear away these ugly lint.. Here is how. Thanks to yumeko for introducing it to us

1. Get one of these lint removal thing which i discover here.. This is my first time to see such thing and its amazing !

2. Take ur shirt or jacket or watever that has all these lint thing all over the surface.. and start shaving.. use it jus like the shaver.. any shaver.. pretend u are shaving ur watever ..

3. and wah la....!! smooth as ever..

4. And you might want to have a new hobby, collecting scrap (lint)... oh and batteries not included


Jessica said...

okay.. so, where can i get this lint remover?

btw, i left yuu comments from the NS volunteer post! so, better go read it!!! if not i putih putih leave comemnts.

sorry, too long din come here read yur blog liao. heheh.

Jeremy said...

u can get it here in australia, definitely but in malaysia.. i dontk now.. and i read ur ns comment.. hehe i think you should tell Justin.. hahaha mayb he wont be tat depress, HHAHAHA