Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I have some assignments that i need to take pics of my previous work, but i dint bring it over to Melbourne, so i need my parents to send it over to me and they did. So glad it arrived here, but...

I receive something like tis on my mailbox in a card form..

and the first thing i saw was my name.. and im wondering it mus be some mistake or the stupid post guy jus wrote it wrongly.. and wat i need to do with the card is to take it to the post office and collect my stuff.. and so i did.

Post Office
M3 : hi
Postguy: hi, how are you ?
M3: im here to collect my stuff (and pass him the card together with my passport)
Postguy: Hm.. u are Jeremy Tai or Lai
M3: Tai
Postguy: (smile) Heh.. alrite who send u this parcel..
M3: My aunt
Postguy: U aunt dont know ur last name ?
M3: Nah.. she probably wrote it in a hurry (defend, defend)

It does looks like a small T though.. and so the post guy went in and look for my parcel.. after awhile, he told me he cant find it and call me to help him look for it.. and so i went..

it was lying there with a big LAI on it, no wonder it took me ad him sometime to find it .. we were both looking for Tai.. and i did not start any conversation with the post guy, i said thanks and jus went off feeling abit embarrassed..

Still cant believe its written Jeremy Lai.. but..

My aunt dint try to write it fast.. LOL.. Its really Jeremy Lai..

was wondering is it really my parcel till i open it and phew.. its mine.. lucky..


Jessica said...

hahah. omg. at first i also thought maybe it was a small t. mana tau....

how come yur aunt pack for yuu wan? not yur mum?

Jeremy said...

hahah i need an explanation from my aunt bout my name.. hehehe.. coz my aunt lives with us so i jus call her to do it for me.. hehehe