Thursday, September 25, 2008

They are Back !

Look at this

Does it remind you of anythig




and also more Puzzle and Confusion... as usual...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

He is Back



(pic was very long ago before he became man)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Jus pics...

Here you have a compilation of pictures taken using my mac photo booth, very useful for me for i dont have a scanner, and also fun when u have nothing to do... the effect tools are very fun..

Enjoy !

Amongst all which wan do you all think has the best picture. I like pic 11. HAHAHA

this video is also from the application. Ignore the background music... hahah was listening to santa clause is coming to town.. LOL

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mid Autumn Festival.

I tried baby food...

erm.. not a thing i like but strange enough...

Baby Ivan (Evonnes cousin) he is really enjoying it.. RESPECT.

During the eve of Mid Autumn went to Aunts (Tai Yee) place for dinner..

Things u see on the table, curry, roast pork, kankung(in the kitchen), si yiau kai.. all this, dont even cost more than RM150 to prepare.. hahah kengchow. N its delicious.

everyone was enjoying the dinner.. and its so crowded

tat granma decided to sit by her own at a corner... then join by her husband haha granpa.

Here is a video of my granma hahah recording bday song for chris.

Let me translate.
Granma : when u did you record my video ?
M3 : now now !
Granma : isit... oh ya wo.. im wearing this shirt (LOL)

then she sings...

Granma : He can hear meh ?
M3 : Tomorrow.

this is made by my aunt (Ah Yin) , her best dessert, never once fail or let us down.. alwaz the best.

When we are young, after dinner, we will quickly grab all our lanterns and candles, candles very important.. and head out, lighting up all the lanterns, hoping for every street light to burst so its total darkness... also every part of the candles can be use..

the lower part if you have enough skill, it can form into a dynamite... usually a few boxes will become dynamites.. haha

when everything is finish.. its time to light it up and pretend to be rambo.. haha good imagination ya.. And what happen to all the wax tat we scrap out from the candles

BON FIRE !!! at the end of the day we will find anything that we can burn.. candle box... leaves...haha i even purposely accidentally drop those paper lantern into the bon fire once..jus once ok hahah

hahah but nowadays batteries lanterns are everywhere.

come in any sizes or shape.

and the lighting is damn cool, how can a kid not get attracted to these.. hahah even i had fun pressing.

I miss those time when we were young,

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What if Ultraman and Spidey ehem...


Toh is coming back, called us to be prepare, dunno prepare apa, but jus let it be la... hahaha

Okie What if Ultraman hook up with spidey ? One has to be a girl rite, so i remembered that in Ultraman there is a women. So lets use Ultrawomen. I have predicted what will happen, here is the story..

love at first sight from both side...

very fast they got married...

both has super powers.. so during those TIME they will turn the house upside down inside out..

Ultrawomen got pregnant.... and waited for 9 months for her to give birth...

9 months later.....

they gave birth to a baby boy

the powers of ultra costume of spidey...


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Selamat Bermoon Cake


been watching this series, very nice and kanchiong, i got it from Julian. HEHEHE thanks to him i dun have to pay astro RM50+ for AOD.

On disc 4 now, very emo, super emo movie scary emo.

But because this is original dvd, they made us watch these advertisements.... every episode... alwas the same one


KAM LUN TAI mooncake..

and then ah wongs abalone... the cacat thing is u cant forward the advertisement, have to sit and watch all or it.. LOL

mayb at least once in awhile they change abit la the ads.. then might be interesting la

was watching episode 18, this part really tergila made me tears, ciz man, lucky i was all alone, so no need pretend yawning.

But one of the reason i watch also because of this Leng Lui.. woo hooo... her acting not the best but then still acceptable

SHIT SHIT SHIT.. i jus finish Disc 4.. now have to wait, it ended like this.

damn wat does the cake says... someone please help me translate !

she looks damn SHOCK.. !! mus be something nasty ! isit

"Can I have your Abalone" ? or "Damn you are gorgeous, YEEEHAA "? or "LA LO LI LE LU"?

haiz dunno how to read damn charm..

Lucky our family not so emo so keng... too bad Kim.. youre not here with us, we shall take another one when u come back... WOO HOO.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Believe it or not

Todays September 11, lets bow down awhile for a few secs to pay respect to those who died in 911....


Okie done, back

Before i start i found out Julians new skill.

not onli he can be pro in smsing while driving, he can also solve the kubrick while driving, N IM NEXT TO HIM !

SUPER SCARY !!!! but according to him, he wants to have a new record, he knows he cant beat his bro, Justin so he need to create a new record. Driving while solving Kubrik.

Okie when i came back i saw this on my desk.

something my aunt has been telling me..

A BOOK ! A THICK one.... this is wow wow, but ive told my aunt that i will read it, this is one good book,

But have to give me time, i never like all this, but i will try, this is one good book.

Being an Oprah fan secretly, this book was recommended by her, something she say is alwaz good, this is one good book

So... give me some time to kasi read it, i read the first page jus now.. hahah a good start for me.