Wednesday, September 10, 2008

G damn ! DONE !

Before i start i have some random pictures and updates.

First a good idea, taken from Wais Hse, a good way to know whether your families are at home or went out.

Remember i did surgery on myself but fail, now it seems that i dont need to go through those scary moment, its growing...

and last random thing is.. bisen litter bug...

terus buang, if buang pei si nvm la, the whole plastic envelope.. haiz... but i dint bother to help pick it up also LOL


Done with my gundam long time ago, not really satisfy with it, but my first one wo.... wat can i say rite..

quite gaya also la the whole thing, but putting the decals n stickers are pain in the ass, i dint have the patient to put in all, this is like just quoter of it...

As u all know it can be transform, so i did the transformation and

Really WA LAU WEH !!!

Nah see properly the shoulder part, missing punya..

tapi dun care la, still gaya

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