Thursday, September 11, 2008

Believe it or not

Todays September 11, lets bow down awhile for a few secs to pay respect to those who died in 911....


Okie done, back

Before i start i found out Julians new skill.

not onli he can be pro in smsing while driving, he can also solve the kubrick while driving, N IM NEXT TO HIM !

SUPER SCARY !!!! but according to him, he wants to have a new record, he knows he cant beat his bro, Justin so he need to create a new record. Driving while solving Kubrik.

Okie when i came back i saw this on my desk.

something my aunt has been telling me..

A BOOK ! A THICK one.... this is wow wow, but ive told my aunt that i will read it, this is one good book,

But have to give me time, i never like all this, but i will try, this is one good book.

Being an Oprah fan secretly, this book was recommended by her, something she say is alwaz good, this is one good book

So... give me some time to kasi read it, i read the first page jus now.. hahah a good start for me.


Jessica said...

after read adi must review review sikit on how good is the book.

Jeremy said...

hahaha dunno how long it will take me gal... lol