Monday, September 1, 2008

Penang Trip Finish it I Shall !

After the Toy Museum, time to do some work, need to check mail and Nana needs to send some stuff to her course mate.

All we can think is Starbucks. Its either cyber or Starbucks. Its better to use my own Mac instead of the cybers pc so spent 14 kau  and onli we dare to go inside Starbucks. If not very malu steal ppls connection.

While we are busy sending emails and checking mails,

Ken, Julian and Yuk Dai went shopping in the shopping complex and all they got was something for Julians brother, Justin.

HAHAHA Julian kena bisen from his gf, Leanne coz he told her we went to Toy Museum and not bringing her.

Banyak scary, although he damn skill in doing this, but as im watching him doing this, BANYAK TAKUT !

But after the Starbucks thing, all done, we head to another makan place where all of us are waiting ! FRIED OYSTER !!

Ordered wantan mee but no no no no no, its nothing special

This is wat we are craving for, FRIED OYSTER !

We makan terbanyak and was alwaz fighting till the last piece.

Right after fried oyster, straight away we go for another meal. Mee rebus and Mee goreng.

Suddenly terthinken wats Evonne doing back in KL. So some emo session for me.

Went to Penangs Queensbay (like KLs Mv) the biggest shopping complex in Penang but but .. its still new so not all the shop lots are open.

when there is a big shopping complex they will sure have an arcade. DAYTONA is the new in thing to us nowadays.

We also main air hockey, had alot of fun in the arcade.

found this 'new' fries store, where u buy the fries n choose ur toppings. NOT NICE ! YULK ! i can make my own.

bought something from Queensbay... heheheh

later on onli we realise Ken actually has the 3g modem, so actually we dont have to spend tat 14 kau in Starbucks. Ask him why dint he say so, then it was coz we dint say wat we were trying to do in Starbucks LOL BUT BUT BUT babi dont have the driver. So need to go download it somewhere.

For dinner we went for seafood ! All the stuff we makan damn sedap ! the bad thing is, i did not enjoy the food with them coz all the while i was on the phone.. babi client called and talked for almost half an hour on the phone ! KNN !

The aftermath of sedap food !

tis pic jus makes me jealous ! during the nite. kita pegi CYBER !! PLAYED DOTA !! END OF DAY 2

DAY 3 and last day, begin early in the morning.

Pass by Twin Towers little sister, Twin Half Tower.
Fo breakfast we ate...

Kuey Chap again


Super fantastic Chicken Rice, why super fantastic ? its onli RM2.70 !!! chicken and roasted pork onli RM2.70 !! where can u get man...

Lor mee.

Har Mee.

n Chinese Pancake.

Selapas brekkie we kasi pegi beli Tau Sah Pneah, 

Judging by the picture Wai is holding his chest feeling relief is because when he lean on it the whole statue nearly fell.

Wai with the Ho Chiak face. Rite before we leave Penang we went for another final eating sessioan.

Asam Laksa

Lo Har Mee. pss.. look at my wrist, the watch is not working, i need to wear it coz i feel emptiness on my wrist if i dont wear it... haha

Fried Loh Bak

Pai Ti, if you dont know wat is it, go chicken rice shop and try it. But tis one is nicer than the one they have in Chicken Rice Shop.

Random Vegeta pic.

So after the whole trip of driving from Julian, its my turn to drive them back to KL.

Hours later, we reach the bridge restaurant, had our dinner there.

The thing I learnt from this trip is, never eat soooo much. Rite after i come back the next day, ok ok go open ur tap water for 5 seconds, see how the water flow ? thats how my shit came out from my ass for a week, onli happens to me, so i think my stomach cant handle too much hawker food.


Jessica said...

i like the asam laksa that yuu went on the third day! i think they served better asam laksa than the kek lok si wan!!

Jeremy said...

wah hahaha.. i duno which is which also... dont reeally remember where isit