Saturday, September 13, 2008

Selamat Bermoon Cake


been watching this series, very nice and kanchiong, i got it from Julian. HEHEHE thanks to him i dun have to pay astro RM50+ for AOD.

On disc 4 now, very emo, super emo movie scary emo.

But because this is original dvd, they made us watch these advertisements.... every episode... alwas the same one


KAM LUN TAI mooncake..

and then ah wongs abalone... the cacat thing is u cant forward the advertisement, have to sit and watch all or it.. LOL

mayb at least once in awhile they change abit la the ads.. then might be interesting la

was watching episode 18, this part really tergila made me tears, ciz man, lucky i was all alone, so no need pretend yawning.

But one of the reason i watch also because of this Leng Lui.. woo hooo... her acting not the best but then still acceptable

SHIT SHIT SHIT.. i jus finish Disc 4.. now have to wait, it ended like this.

damn wat does the cake says... someone please help me translate !

she looks damn SHOCK.. !! mus be something nasty ! isit

"Can I have your Abalone" ? or "Damn you are gorgeous, YEEEHAA "? or "LA LO LI LE LU"?

haiz dunno how to read damn charm..

Lucky our family not so emo so keng... too bad Kim.. youre not here with us, we shall take another one when u come back... WOO HOO.


Jessica said...

haha did yuu watch heart of greed?

and that leng lui is linda chung. i think her acting is quite good. check out a series called 'a journey called life'. i think it's quite good.

as for the chinese words. it said, "ngo ngoi yuu sou chau" (i love yuu sou chau).

Jeremy said...

wah hahah... oo la la.. got the cake figure out d.. hahaha, ei i think tat gal got album, i heard b4.

Jessica said...

yeah her album just came out earlier this month. why?? yuu going to buy issit? hahaha.

Jeremy said...

no way man.. althugh i like her.. i dun think she can sing hahahah