Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tribute to Ns volunteers.

First of all, im gona say i salute those who are going to the NS training.

I salute them because they will be gone from their house n off to a secluded place nobody has gone before.

First you have to give up
-online e.g msn email
-cant listen to music e.g JOJO
-cant PCC
-have to sleep in shit place
-might get smacking from other NS trainee
-dont have a nice toilet to shit
-no yum cha or late nite outing
-no cinema, well sometimes if u get to see ppl fight
-alot pau tau ppl

these are jus a few i can think of.

Dont even think u will look this cool when u are inside.
My condolence

Dont even think u will get this cute outfit or ur happy face when u are inside.. all i have to say is TAKZIAH ..

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hi-Class Lap Sap Lou.

My very first thing i took from the ground in Melbourne was tis.

This owner of this thumbdrive was from India. How do i know ? all his personal documents was in there but there was no address where he lives. There also files of his families and i think they are planning to migrate. Well too bad i was planning to send it back to them but could find any clue where he lives, so its part of my lap sap collection.

The second thing tat i grab from inside a trash bin was tis.

I know this tube thing will come in handy.
PS: Ive check the trash bin first before my hand went inside to grab it.

Rite after i bought my very first Spider-Man poster and a My Chemical Romance poster, i know where i can keep it so tat my posters wont become 'ham choi'

Third was tis... Ipod earphone !

As i was in my Uni Lab doing my assignments.. i saw this wire sticking out underneath the CPU, i pull it out n TA DA ...!!!

I leave it there for like an hour while i cont to do my stuff.. but the owners seems not to care bout his earphone, so thinking if i dont take it someone might have.. so why not i take it before some other people.

And now i can pretend i have an Ipod using it for my psp. Ipod here is like So IN.. INNER than psp. And i dint know it cost so much... tat fella mus be damn sam tung..

And i have never been so appled.. went inside a train.. full of passengers in their 50s to 60s. Saw this nice Itune card tat is so cantik. As a designer, Im attracted to striking colors.

It was a 20 dollar gift card. Who could have thought it has not been used, but when i turn to the back of this card .....

without any doubt went back home and redeem the gift. MUA HAHAHA. Immediately after i finish register i went to the itunes store to buy some music. I know i can download new songs easily from the net for free so i decided to buy some oldies.

Here are the 3 oldies i bought.. LOL cost 1.69 per song (for me its free)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


First of all i will show u guys a pic.

cute or not ? Cute leh.. In Australia they have alot of kangaroo. Out in the suburbs you can see them hoping around the backyards together with the lambs and cows. We can also find kangaroo in Safeway ( Giant Supermarket in Malaysia but better) on the Meat section. Yes MEAT SECTION.

Because of the curiosity i have, i grab the cheapest (smallest piece) 6 dollar and put it in my grocery bag. Pay and went back home with Evonne. On the way home.. Evonnes is like..

Ewwwwwww...... YEeerrrrrrr....... Yuuuuulkkkk....... Chann Yan .......Ewwwwwww...... YEeerrrrrrr....... Yuuuuulkkkk....... Chann Yan .......Ewwwwwww...... YEeerrrrrrr....... Yuuuuulkkkk....... Chann Yan .......Ewwwwwww...... YEeerrrrrrr....... Yuuuuulkkkk....... Chann Yan .......

But i have already pay for it, no turning back

Look at the bright side. Its high in protein, 98% fat free, Gluten free and low saturated.

The meat itself is kida slimy mayb its the marinate and RED, very RED, Bloody REd.

Looks jus like beef when i cook it, hope it dont taste suck, coz i was asking John before this have he ever tried it b4, he says yes and it taste abit bitter. BITTER.. kinda regret, but it mus go on..

Tada... not bad, its abit different from the meat we usually eat. Luckily the first bite wasnt bitter.

this is wat Evonne had and again she

Ewwwwwww...... YEeerrrrrrr....... Yuuuuulkkkk....... Chann Yan .......Ewwwwwww...... YEeerrrrrrr....... Yuuuuulkkkk....... Chann Yan .......Ewwwwwww...... YEeerrrrrrr....... Yuuuuulkkkk....... Chann Yan .......Ewwwwwww...... YEeerrrrrrr....... Yuuuuulkkkk....... Chann Yan .......

because of the ew and yulk thing she repeat, makes me feel bad and makes the meat taste bad.. thinking of the cute kangaroo..

I know im abit Chan Yan but its jus the same as eating pork, chicken or beef.. I must finish it because i pay for it. Im gona eat it jus once, never gona try it again, taste very different from the meat we used to eat. Later on i found out the kangaroo i ate.. wasnt tat cute after all, so kangaroo lovers, dont worry, the kangaroo tat i jus ate is not cute at all.. looks abit like me though..

A Male Pumpkin.

Do pumpkins have gender ?

You tell me..

Saturday, August 11, 2007

World Of Warcraft (WOW) board game style !

Yes its a board game from the famous multiplayer online game World Of Warcraft. These game developer guys are pretty good, managing the whole online game making it into a board game which also share the same experience in the game.

Leveling up
Doing quest
Fighting neural creeps
Boss killing
Beating up ur frens in a PVP (playe versus player)
Equipping chunted armor and swords, bow, mace etc etc.

Kanchiongly after my friday classes i went to Jun feis place to play the game.

The owner of the Board game, Jun fei.

The board game 120 dollar

With expansion around 30 dollar. So this game is not a i see i buy kinda board game. It needs alot of thinking and lot of research to decide.

Our opponent, Royce. Due to the handicap match, Royce can control 2 heroes. Me and Jun fei each will have onli a hero.

First, we choose from a variety of heroes provided.

And i chose mine, Shailara Wintherblade. ROAR...!!

Setting up the game board.


HI YA !! Dice rolling, Monster summoning.

BANG !! DISH !! Mana depleting, Hp going low !

My hero is in trouble, have to bring down this monster immediately !

Ah.. Success with the help of

Jun Fei in my party to defeat the monster.

On and on we play, time passes by so quickly, we have been the game for almost 3 hours.

Look at all the items and equipments i have in my hero ... The game have to come to an end, if not we will be doing this forever.. so to end the game, We will decide our faith in a PVP match.

And so the game ended. Me and Jun Fei were able to defeat Royce strategically.

MUA HAHAHAH...!! Everything Nice ! But too time consuming.. still nice ! Mayb coz i win.. LOL

Thursday, August 9, 2007

The good old days.

Was going through my external hard disk folders. I found this video which brings back alot of memories. Look at my retard face caught on camera. Look carefully on the 17th second of this clip.

Top of Melbourne.

Its was a sudden plan. Sunday. Last day of my holiday.

Yumeko ask us whether we have any plan for the last day of our holiday and we said no.
Then she suggested we head to Melbourne tower. And off we go.

It was the 16th tallest building in the world. LOL, malaysia No. 5 or 6 dude. Kalah Australia. MUAHAHAH.

Ok back to Australia now. Bought our cheap 2 for 1tickets which cost onli 4.50 per person. Into th lift. Which kinda smells.

And whole of Melbourne we see

Stayed there till nite to see the nite lights.

There is also a restaurant there which look like this

The one in Malaysia.

Woo hoo Malaysia scores again.

Came across tis weird penny machine which cost you a dollar to make tour own penny souvenir

Tat is wat happen when you dont read the intructions.

The outcome of tis machine.