Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tribute to Ns volunteers.

First of all, im gona say i salute those who are going to the NS training.

I salute them because they will be gone from their house n off to a secluded place nobody has gone before.

First you have to give up
-online e.g msn email
-cant listen to music e.g JOJO
-cant PCC
-have to sleep in shit place
-might get smacking from other NS trainee
-dont have a nice toilet to shit
-no yum cha or late nite outing
-no cinema, well sometimes if u get to see ppl fight
-alot pau tau ppl

these are jus a few i can think of.

Dont even think u will look this cool when u are inside.
My condolence

Dont even think u will get this cute outfit or ur happy face when u are inside.. all i have to say is TAKZIAH ..

1 comment:

Jessica said...

got so cham meh? maybe all that yuu had listed is quite true but all those come out from ns also say ns damn nice and fun....