Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hi-Class Lap Sap Lou.

My very first thing i took from the ground in Melbourne was tis.

This owner of this thumbdrive was from India. How do i know ? all his personal documents was in there but there was no address where he lives. There also files of his families and i think they are planning to migrate. Well too bad i was planning to send it back to them but could find any clue where he lives, so its part of my lap sap collection.

The second thing tat i grab from inside a trash bin was tis.

I know this tube thing will come in handy.
PS: Ive check the trash bin first before my hand went inside to grab it.

Rite after i bought my very first Spider-Man poster and a My Chemical Romance poster, i know where i can keep it so tat my posters wont become 'ham choi'

Third was tis... Ipod earphone !

As i was in my Uni Lab doing my assignments.. i saw this wire sticking out underneath the CPU, i pull it out n TA DA ...!!!

I leave it there for like an hour while i cont to do my stuff.. but the owners seems not to care bout his earphone, so thinking if i dont take it someone might have.. so why not i take it before some other people.

And now i can pretend i have an Ipod using it for my psp. Ipod here is like So IN.. INNER than psp. And i dint know it cost so much... tat fella mus be damn sam tung..

And i have never been so appled.. went inside a train.. full of passengers in their 50s to 60s. Saw this nice Itune card tat is so cantik. As a designer, Im attracted to striking colors.

It was a 20 dollar gift card. Who could have thought it has not been used, but when i turn to the back of this card .....

without any doubt went back home and redeem the gift. MUA HAHAHA. Immediately after i finish register i went to the itunes store to buy some music. I know i can download new songs easily from the net for free so i decided to buy some oldies.

Here are the 3 oldies i bought.. LOL cost 1.69 per song (for me its free)

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