Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In loving memory, Mr Bokeh

Ei Ah Mi.. whose camera is tat.. , the very first thing i heard when i step into my house..

I look at the camera and answered him.. its mine lo why ? then i look closely....

ok.... like wat happened.. he told me he drop it...when trying to keep my camera bag.. it was unzipped...

trying to keep my calm... i pretend like its nothing, he was jus trying to be nice helping me pack, its my fault for not zipping it... i cant blame him...

sniff snif... paiin man pain damn 7 pain... ARGH !!! lucky tis lens was the cheapest lens...

but i love tis lens so so so much !!! now i wont have pictures like tis anymore.. neway tis is travis my aunties son which i stay with in singapore... ARGH !! PAIN !!!!


Friday, March 25, 2011


There is tis canvas in my office... we had some oil paint and started painting it..

tis is the artwork me and my colleague did and that is when i know i need some time out... disturbing piece of art.. hahaha

Tis post will b Lomo style !!

Tats why i decided to follow my parents to singapore.. with my cousins as well

the last time me and my cousins went to sg together was like 14 years ago, hahaha and we took tis pic in the zoo

ei u know who u are tis pic for u !!! lol

second day here.. did nothing much onli shopping.. in the same complex for almost the whole day.. and keep eating non stop

even my couz also stun with it coz we really eat non stop.

tis shopping complex veli gang ho wan, got garden on the rooftop for u to train ur dogs wan.. will never happen in msia.

also a small water park for kids to soak themself in tis hot weather.

one of my reason for coming sg.. the kuih tutu, i found one in Mid Valley but then they were close down last year d.. haiz kasihan

been in tat complex for about 6 hours but all me and my couz did was sit around,

i think we sat like 3 hours instead of shopping, waited for our parents....

so boring we onli walk around and look for food...

like really boring.. sampai dunno wat to do keep taking pics..

eat again after, even before i finish digesting..

dis was early dinner at 6pm...

tis is supper at 8pm....

eat eat eat and eat non stop.... i have not been doing tis for ages eating supper like crazy...

Tmr !! I will b going UNIVERSAL STUDIO !! ROAR !!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

B&B, Leaving Soon

Things have been happening to my life, I have no reasons to b sad, the past is past, all i have are good memories and also more to come.

I dont think i will need this mask anymore..

I have overcome it which i think i should b happy tat i did when i can finally face it without pretending..

Mask no more !! pretend no more!! Im M3 again!!!

and yes i have resign from my current company.. and this might be the last post im blogging bout my company now..

we had a company dinner which happened after CNY which we also got yee sang which i dont think the yee sang got any uhm anymore hahaha

it was a fun nite eating n chatting with them.. tis might also b the last company dinner i will be having with them..

will miss them

but lucky before i chiou i at least get to join them for a company trip.

Going Club Med Cherating by bus, a bus jus for us and no one else. Was suppose to go bali :( but nvm la who am i to complain after resigning, i can still join tis trip.

when we reach the first thing i realize was... the dresscode for the GO tat day was exactly the same as mine... i look like one of them wei..

the very first group pix of the trip.

i was even introduced by one of the GO saying im a new member in Club Med, hahahaha malu betul, tourist were looking at me

My first time in Club Med Cherating, not as beautiful as the pic looks but its the company that make the difference, and also 1 very very attractive thing bout tis is, u get to drink any time of the day, like anything, liq beer u name it.

and they place tis little small lion head all around the place, it was to scare away the monkeys, and yes monkeys are everywhere trying to steal your food.

Then nite was entertaining as well, they have shows and lots of activities

Buffet from lunch to dinner.

they are not super delicious but lots of choices la, frm western to eastern lo

er... entah lah apa aku buat

They really prepared alot of activities for ppl there, we dance, we sing and we drink

we have flying trapeze

basketball, tennis, futsal, archery, golf.. and i played all of it hahaha

but even if they did not have any activities prepared for us, ITS OK judging by the look of our pic above, im sure even u dont have activities prepared for us, we can entertain ourselves, we nearly throw a colleague into the pool.

the pool was like our bath tub, after sports when we feel hot or tired we jus jump in, hahah yeah with sweats and smell hahahaha

to the beach, playing volleyball njoying cocktails by the beachside... really carefree...

..... can see how happy i was rite.. hahahahah

as so they said tis kinda place are for ppl to get laid.. well not true at all, hahaha well mayb it dint happened to anyone of us there lol..

it was a sad moment when we have to leave tis place.. haiz so much fun so much to do... but the last day was really really tired..

group pix !

another one.. ahem Jaemy im not in here, ahem.

and to end my last post bout my company i would like to thank each and everyone of them !!

Jakun - my bestie in office !!

Ah Hak aka Shah Rukh Khan - my same age summer love hahahaha

Howe Gor - my supplier for all my entertainment from movies to figures.

My Evil Twin - Another Jeremy

Stella - the chopstick in our office

Kakak Debbie - the girl who doesnt like her pic to be taken

Good as a friend but nnnoying as an AE , my god like Win is the name!

Mother and daughter hahaha also my neighbors for the years me in my company

We are both known as Daniel Woo and Louis Koo hahahah CK the drunken master

My Abang Naga - who thinks he is Bruce Lee's apprentice LOL

May who I think is the prettiest in my office ( she likes it if i say tat) LOL

Po Chai - the guy who alwaz appear out of nowhere..

My caring lady boss

and lastly gua punya Boss...

Terima Kasih semua !!!