Saturday, March 31, 2007


30 Mar 07, 20:40
: julian..don show your video to jon.. he sure fly back immediately..then he tell u this " lei ho wai da je da"..i think gay language i love u deeply..

U guys mus be wondering wat type of video that might make my fren fly back to see julian. Here is the video and it will explain why ? be patient, press play and go do something else while waiting, its nice to watch it all in one shot, he is the fella in the second scene.. not the swimming wan.. but the one sitting.. neway tat fella swimming nearly fell (i think) when he tries to get up from the pool.

The concept is when cupid go on strike. This video is actually for them to advertise on an event they are on, where they will choose 3 guys and a gal. The guys will then be given RM50 to try to impress the gal.. OUT BACK JACK.. something like tat.. but the thing im concern now..

Is he really becoming..

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tongue Language ?

Can anyone help me figure out what is this guy saying.. i have play this video a couple of times but still can manage to understand it.. Evonne and her aunt understand it coz they were laughing. or just 'ying chau' ?

and I'm in this video too.. tell me if u can spot where am I.. but the important thing is.. wat the hell is he saying ?

Life after Melbourne

There has been alot of changes in me and my frens after i came to melbourne.

This is how i might look like..

Not so drastic changes, onli longer hair. But the next one quite worry me.. coz he is one of my gang.. so im damn worried..

Take a deep breath before u scroll down or if you are seeing this blog at nite pls turn this blog off and wait till tomorrow morning.. if u guys have any nitemare im not responsible....

Making Pan Mee..

I've been dreaming of making pan mee the first day i came to Australia. I miss it so much especially the dried one which i have no idea how to make it. The lesson of making pan mee is easy. the first thing u have to know is BUY THE RIGHT FLOUR ! There are many types of flour in this world when i start buying flours. Do not buy flour vit coloured packet.. to make pan mee u have to use PLAIN flour.. choose the flour that looks really plain.

As u can see the green packet was the first try flour.. Its glutinous flour.. Its for TONG YUEN ! Toh say i was trying to be like Ah Wong who make mango tong yuen.. I invent pan mee tong yuen.. wonder how it will look like.. i also dunno..

Then we seek some advice from the book.. its instant cooking.. so no pan mee.. Then have to call home.. n finally found the right flour.. PLAIN FLOUR ! Really PLAIN FLOUR

After tat tambah egg terus , mix and 'chai' it.

Looks like i did a good job coz this mold looks like its shaking hands or praying ?

Some other ingredients


Well everything turn out nice and delicious, no more wrong flour.

so if my pelajaran sucks here and if u guys dint see me back in malaysia u will know wats going on to me in australia..

Yeap A PAN MEE STALL .. (BIG EGG) Pan mee

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Stress ...!!!

Yesterday i was damn stress doing my assignments, everything is like due by next week. veli kanchiong and stress, super stress... so while i was busy doing my work. Evonne's labtop was playing this song. I stop and i start doing this..

i think this song is dedicated to all the people i tease on this blog.. hehe no hard feeling.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Cook Book I have that you dont !

Ever u guys wonder how i have all my meals here in Australia. Well i cant eat outside all the time. Ordering a curry mee here is like eating Chilli's, The Ship, TGIF u get the idea. So i have to learn to cook. Here are some of the meal i cook vit evonne within this period in Australia. Take a bowl out in case of drooling.

Pita Bread, Tofu mince meat, Cheng chau choy sum, Maggi mee goreng

Fried rice, Teriyaki chicken, salad, Minced meat vit cabbage, Alfredo sauce spaghetti

Mapo tofu, Mince eat cabbage, Sandwich, Honey spare rib, Chau choy sum

Pita bread, Beef, Salad, Mushroom soup, Borch Soup, Spicy spare rib

Japanese curry, Cabbage again, Udon goreng dan lain-lain

Not all the food we cook end up delicious.. but the percentage is low.

Well u guys mus be wondering how we learn how to cook so much in like one month. Well 30% is skill, 20% is from mom, 10% power of will, 5% luck and 110% from this cook book.

He has change his hobby and stop cooking. So u wont have this copy anymore.

Friday, March 23, 2007

A GIFT requested from TOH

Toh recently call me to help him do something. He said recently justin ( RAIN ) birthday jus pass so he call me to dedicate a post jus for him. As im a busy person i told toh i will make it but i cant promise him. Justin admire JoJo alot so toh had suggeted me to do somthing like this

But i think is not chun enuf cause JoJo is so much more chunter. So i guest most of the girls will like guys with chunted body also so i take some of my busy time to do this..

Happy Belated Bday Justin...

CRIB secrets Reveal

This is a footage never been seen before. Things that are not shown clearly during my MTV CRIBS show ..first of all i will show the secret of the door knob.

Ya go compare ur rooms door know and my TOILET doorknob.. see the difference yet ? Yeap no lock !

Tats why i have to come out vit this doorhanger to show that there is people inside the toilet. Not onli that.. u will see alot of pail all aroud my place. why ?

Bathroom leaking ...

Water tap in the kitchen...

even the sink we brush our teeth ... (sometimes)

Ada lagi.. the radio..

damn tulan wan, i was like singing and dancing to the rhythm with Akons song then the sound will suddenly jus turn off.. Potong man .. Potong what i did is

I really SMACK THAT !

I bet you dont have a gun in your kitchen nowadays. Onli important people who have the license to kill can have one in their kitchen.

cant kill but can start fire

This is how i feel each time i get to start up the fire

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Inner Me ? ( jus for laughs not serious )

First of all i will like to thank all of you for visiting my blog. I dunno how to say how thankful i am so i jus make something to make u guys laugh. Some of u might be rolling on the floor.. or crying. U know how thick my face have to be to post this on my blog ? DAMN THICK

some girls out there might be thinking hey.. he is prettier than me.. well its ok dun get sad. I have to say thanks to the hair stylist and also the hair donater. My dear dear is actually helping me in this. LOL

See its her hair.. not mine and its not a wig its real hair.. But among all the shot i had one i like the most and you cant really tell my dear dear is behind me.

What say you ?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Kehebatan Advertisment Di AUS

Jus recently i saw something damn chun and interesting man. There is this car pulling this small billboard along all the way in Chapel Street(outside my apartment) and the billboard is this.

Not the way they advetise but what they advertise.. woo hoo.. i will be seeing things like this more. If i was back in my country think this is how it will be..

It might not be like that. So friends if you guys see something like this in Malaysia u will know wat it looks like.

Worst case scenario

Monday, March 19, 2007

A Taste Of Police Force in AUS

My EXPERIENCE vit Mata ( Veli gud eyesight police, salute) in Malaysia. Dulu-dulu when i was coming back from Mid Valley driving, i was using the hp. Then i saw the Mata car n i quickly hang up, so they did not me using the phone but i can see they are suspecting something. So they drove next to me n HORN me... I look at them n they pointed at the seatbelt.. OH CCB i forget to wear my seatbelt.. Mata damn keng. So stop at the side of the road

M3: Ya Tuan.
Mata: Tau apa salah.. Lesen mali
M3: Ya
Mata: OO.. baru je confirm lesen baru 3 minggu. Baru kamu. (smiling)
M3: Ya
Mata: Mau saman. Kamu ni baru. (looking at me trying to tell me something)
M3: Tak mau
Mata: So.. Macam mana ?
M3: Berapa mau ?
Mata: Ei jangan cakap macam ini. Suka hati punya.
M3: RM20 boleh
Mata: K..

This is how Mata entertain us. So tats how its usually settle. After that take out the money i hid from them. !#%@*$%@&# Rm20 jus fly away. And below is Australia's Police and how people respond to them.

I thought they were giving a speech on some watever but its not. They are entertaining us by singing all chunted songs. Never imagine it will happen to a police force.

They sang pretty well

Look at this Ah Po see how enjoy is she.

The last part is this clip where i terstun awhile when i look at it.. Look carefully at the swing the kids were playing.. its like they went missing after it turns one round and got back in. LOL

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Grand Prix ! (Sound Only)

When i was sleeping.. i heard a very loud engine sound. I thought it was some lansi fella that wanted to lansi their new lansi PS3 sound system vit their super lansi speaker. Well its not, its the grand prix in Australia. I found out only when i step out of my place when i see this.

It lasted for 3 days.. and im suffering from the sound pollution. I cant do anything bout it but to go their way. So this is what i did.

On my chun TV and then turn off the sound and jus use the super surround sound from outside. So realistic. After 5 minutes i turn it off, not a F1 fan.

Friday, March 16, 2007

MY CriB !

Yo all.. Welcome. Thank you Mtv for having this show yal. Now lets get inside my Crib.

The very first thing you will see when you walk in will shock you !

not all this but...

THIS !!! no remote with colour squarish almost flat screen 1985 television. Its one of a kind. You cant get it anywhere nowadays. Its antique let me turn it on now.. there very good sound quality but no pictures yet. Well we will jus wait. Lets move on yal..

This is where i do my cooking most of the time, i mean all the time and now to the bathroom.

OOi.. wait da minute.. let me finish you go on and walk around.. i need to go..

Trust me you wont know how the hell this washing machine works. Luckily my friend Jonathan ws here that time to teach me how to use it. Antique Man Antique.. Priceless .. now off to a place where everyone say where the magic happens.. not for me wei.. dun simply think.. reason the bed so untidy is because i had a bad dream yesterday.

Last but not least Jaemy wanted to see my garden here it is.. instead of a garden, i have a park.

Thats all for now i think.. oh ya ! My chunted TV still no pictures yet onli sound.. LOL. Antique man Antique.