Friday, March 23, 2007

CRIB secrets Reveal

This is a footage never been seen before. Things that are not shown clearly during my MTV CRIBS show ..first of all i will show the secret of the door knob.

Ya go compare ur rooms door know and my TOILET doorknob.. see the difference yet ? Yeap no lock !

Tats why i have to come out vit this doorhanger to show that there is people inside the toilet. Not onli that.. u will see alot of pail all aroud my place. why ?

Bathroom leaking ...

Water tap in the kitchen...

even the sink we brush our teeth ... (sometimes)

Ada lagi.. the radio..

damn tulan wan, i was like singing and dancing to the rhythm with Akons song then the sound will suddenly jus turn off.. Potong man .. Potong what i did is

I really SMACK THAT !

I bet you dont have a gun in your kitchen nowadays. Onli important people who have the license to kill can have one in their kitchen.

cant kill but can start fire

This is how i feel each time i get to start up the fire

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kimberly said...

WOW you are seriously talented! and your crib is seriously gross lol. but i'm glad you're enjoying AUS =] hopefully i'll get to talk to you soon!