Monday, March 19, 2007

A Taste Of Police Force in AUS

My EXPERIENCE vit Mata ( Veli gud eyesight police, salute) in Malaysia. Dulu-dulu when i was coming back from Mid Valley driving, i was using the hp. Then i saw the Mata car n i quickly hang up, so they did not me using the phone but i can see they are suspecting something. So they drove next to me n HORN me... I look at them n they pointed at the seatbelt.. OH CCB i forget to wear my seatbelt.. Mata damn keng. So stop at the side of the road

M3: Ya Tuan.
Mata: Tau apa salah.. Lesen mali
M3: Ya
Mata: OO.. baru je confirm lesen baru 3 minggu. Baru kamu. (smiling)
M3: Ya
Mata: Mau saman. Kamu ni baru. (looking at me trying to tell me something)
M3: Tak mau
Mata: So.. Macam mana ?
M3: Berapa mau ?
Mata: Ei jangan cakap macam ini. Suka hati punya.
M3: RM20 boleh
Mata: K..

This is how Mata entertain us. So tats how its usually settle. After that take out the money i hid from them. !#%@*$%@&# Rm20 jus fly away. And below is Australia's Police and how people respond to them.

I thought they were giving a speech on some watever but its not. They are entertaining us by singing all chunted songs. Never imagine it will happen to a police force.

They sang pretty well

Look at this Ah Po see how enjoy is she.

The last part is this clip where i terstun awhile when i look at it.. Look carefully at the swing the kids were playing.. its like they went missing after it turns one round and got back in. LOL