Friday, March 16, 2007

MY CriB !

Yo all.. Welcome. Thank you Mtv for having this show yal. Now lets get inside my Crib.

The very first thing you will see when you walk in will shock you !

not all this but...

THIS !!! no remote with colour squarish almost flat screen 1985 television. Its one of a kind. You cant get it anywhere nowadays. Its antique let me turn it on now.. there very good sound quality but no pictures yet. Well we will jus wait. Lets move on yal..

This is where i do my cooking most of the time, i mean all the time and now to the bathroom.

OOi.. wait da minute.. let me finish you go on and walk around.. i need to go..

Trust me you wont know how the hell this washing machine works. Luckily my friend Jonathan ws here that time to teach me how to use it. Antique Man Antique.. Priceless .. now off to a place where everyone say where the magic happens.. not for me wei.. dun simply think.. reason the bed so untidy is because i had a bad dream yesterday.

Last but not least Jaemy wanted to see my garden here it is.. instead of a garden, i have a park.

Thats all for now i think.. oh ya ! My chunted TV still no pictures yet onli sound.. LOL. Antique man Antique.

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