Saturday, March 31, 2007


30 Mar 07, 20:40
: julian..don show your video to jon.. he sure fly back immediately..then he tell u this " lei ho wai da je da"..i think gay language i love u deeply..

U guys mus be wondering wat type of video that might make my fren fly back to see julian. Here is the video and it will explain why ? be patient, press play and go do something else while waiting, its nice to watch it all in one shot, he is the fella in the second scene.. not the swimming wan.. but the one sitting.. neway tat fella swimming nearly fell (i think) when he tries to get up from the pool.

The concept is when cupid go on strike. This video is actually for them to advertise on an event they are on, where they will choose 3 guys and a gal. The guys will then be given RM50 to try to impress the gal.. OUT BACK JACK.. something like tat.. but the thing im concern now..

Is he really becoming..

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