Thursday, March 29, 2007

Making Pan Mee..

I've been dreaming of making pan mee the first day i came to Australia. I miss it so much especially the dried one which i have no idea how to make it. The lesson of making pan mee is easy. the first thing u have to know is BUY THE RIGHT FLOUR ! There are many types of flour in this world when i start buying flours. Do not buy flour vit coloured packet.. to make pan mee u have to use PLAIN flour.. choose the flour that looks really plain.

As u can see the green packet was the first try flour.. Its glutinous flour.. Its for TONG YUEN ! Toh say i was trying to be like Ah Wong who make mango tong yuen.. I invent pan mee tong yuen.. wonder how it will look like.. i also dunno..

Then we seek some advice from the book.. its instant cooking.. so no pan mee.. Then have to call home.. n finally found the right flour.. PLAIN FLOUR ! Really PLAIN FLOUR

After tat tambah egg terus , mix and 'chai' it.

Looks like i did a good job coz this mold looks like its shaking hands or praying ?

Some other ingredients


Well everything turn out nice and delicious, no more wrong flour.

so if my pelajaran sucks here and if u guys dint see me back in malaysia u will know wats going on to me in australia..

Yeap A PAN MEE STALL .. (BIG EGG) Pan mee

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