Friday, March 23, 2007

A GIFT requested from TOH

Toh recently call me to help him do something. He said recently justin ( RAIN ) birthday jus pass so he call me to dedicate a post jus for him. As im a busy person i told toh i will make it but i cant promise him. Justin admire JoJo alot so toh had suggeted me to do somthing like this

But i think is not chun enuf cause JoJo is so much more chunter. So i guest most of the girls will like guys with chunted body also so i take some of my busy time to do this..

Happy Belated Bday Justin...

1 comment:

waichoong said...

lol..JOJO Love ADU..the young american footballer.. tot u will put justin face with ADU body...hahaha nice work..happy b'day justin