Sunday, January 30, 2011

January Updates !!

First of all did i owe anyone anything.. mus langsai all before CNY.. any hugs ah, kiss ah.. anything jus let me know if i havent repay back need to clear all my debts lol

I did it, i did it.... now all i have to do is wait..

lucky i was able to celebrate CNY... got hit by a car during my way to work... driver was a Nigerian but lucky really lucky no part of my body or my bike is damage.. but tat fellas car.. sadness.. the whole bumper came out... sadness and he said i was speeding.. too bad for him la...

and to join my i family i finally change my iPhone 2g which not much ppl heard of it b4 to

iPhone 4.. wooo hooo woke up early in the morning to line up in KLCC jus to get it... i was triggered by my brother coz he was the one tat wanted it but when i was there i got persuade to get one too.. haiz.. cant resist to temptations hahhaaa

Once again another product reveal... got this thing from Pasar Malam cost me RM10 kau. Its like a toothpaste holder.. help u save toothpaste.. you dont have too squeeze with all ur might jus to get ecvery single paste in the tube now.. all you do is jus push and it will help squeeze out the tooth paste...

but one thing i dont like is.. my toilet dosnt have any smooth surface to the sucking thing ...

have tis ever happened to u before... u dint plan it u dint hint it.. but somehow u ended up with the same shirt as ur colleagues..
how great is tat hahahha

but there are difference between the 2 shirts we wear coz its frm a different brand with the same design... spot the difference..

when i look at tis pic of Julian i alwaz wonder wats wrong with him meditating.. i have nothing against it, jus tat everytime i look at it i feel weird.. so one day i finally found out..

he wasn't meditating for peace.. he was concentrating all his qi to other place...

January is the month of events..

went to tis FHM girls next door thing, got a vvip pass and get free beer all nite long, nothing much to shout about accept one thing.. i was like side by side with Amber Chia !!! excited or not har har har ... !

been busy with events like crazy...Bendix event held in Curve.. made this box pyramid with my colleague.. the most eye catchy stuff on tat event.. hahah che wah..

it was a success as everyone did their part and help out alot... woo hoo

and wats an event without all this pretty looking models which i can take pics with.. MUA HHAHAHAHA

One after another, an event for toshiba netbook lauching. Tis is even bigger than bendix so when its bigger = more work less sleep..

so big tat we need to have like a damn freaking long table for the yee sangs..

its another succesful event and the performance frm these dancers was really really good, the best entertainment for the nite.. !!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just for you KIM

KIm tis is something u long awaited for and i decided to gip you as ur bday pressie hahah i know its simple but i hope it means something to you hehehe

your tokified Kim !

Sunday, January 16, 2011

2 Amazing Products I Discover

Before i go to the products i discover... i have a confession to make..

tis is like the biggest secret of all... DO YOU KNOW !!! in my previous post someone who laugh at me was doing something i wont believe... his hands were up too... Ill let him explain to u all... Kin Wai told me and i was like ................ silence........... speechles........ the guy who laugh and make fun of me was doing it too N HE KEEP IT AS A SECRET but lucky someone saw wat he was doing.... !!!

ok here is the first product i want to introduce.. SHINE WELL.. the name of tis product has say it all.. use it on anything tat shines, silver,gold, bangle, bracelet, earrings, watch, handphone (yes handphone), anything tat u think that can shine.. but those tarnish d punya dun think it can help la....

bought it in Amcorp Mall, tis guy gave us a free washing and we were damn impress by it (we including M3 and Aden) Each of us bought one. And its so easy to use you jus have to add water and the powder in it and start shaking rubbing anything u like. And it wont do anything to your hand (so far la)

TIS THING REALLY WORKS... i have introduce it to my colleagues, but not everyone is alwaz satisfy, they expect tooo much from a RM15 powder... but i dun care coz im one bloody satisfy customer.. jus look at the water of dirt...

so if you see me and u wana pinjam my super Shine Well poder feel free and ask me, i dont mind coz i like helping u ppl clean, its so damn satisfy seeing ur stuff shines.. !!

Next product its onli meant for guys...

Its not mine, im not gona tell whose tis is coz it might b something cool or it might embarrass him, hahaha so i will jus show u wat it is. This is the pic of the box. Hot jap woman.

then inside the box we have tis, its not use yet so i assumes its lubricant inside... wat isit for ...

its for tis...

pictures tells it all la.. dun wan intro so much on such product..

and its looks so real, i have touch it with my FINGER, its so soft n gentle... LOL

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Church !!

A sunday morning, got invited by Ah Wai to church to see a play

I have not been to a church for almost 5 years or mayb more... im not sure, so long tat people wont believe me when i tell them im a christian.. LOL but tis church was really amazing..

tis is the church head paster giving a speech... so surpirse he isnt wearing any robe and like so selamba..

the last time i was in a church, we were using mahjong papers as our lyrics...

now... its on the big gigantic screen where everyone can see..

they even get to invite a malaysian singer who was in taiwan to perform a few of his songs.. macam concert je.. i have to say really nice voice

and then the play starts its called pin n needles.. the starting of it already made my jaw drop.. a mini orchestra..

the acting skill is crazy.. u wont feel geli at all.. really really good

and the finale was like BOOM BOOM POW.. everyone dancing here and there its like moulin rouge..

and when it comes to the praying part... closing my eyes facing down... paster said

"If you feel him talking to you raise your hand..."

all i heard was raise your hand and so i did.. Toh whispering to me telling me, "ei ei u are the onli one raising your hand"

I was like " sei for dun care i raise d how ... cannot put down" still shutting my eyes

I was called out later together with a hundread more humans who raise their hand previously.. so i was not alone.. kena con by toh again...

And then all tis start to apperan in facebook...

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Great Pretender

trying hard...

Monday, January 3, 2011


First of all, u all should thank us for the public holiday u all get on 31st Dec 2010... WE WERE THERE TO SUPPORT !! where were u all when we are shouting our lungs out har har har !!

it will be an unforgettable year for me..

celebrated in an awesome partay in Jaeshinda place (jaemy ShinYing and Danny)

And so it ends.. AND NOW

IM ALL BOOST UP TO FACE 2011 !! its gona be an AWESOME YEAR !!

Getting my new year resolution ready.

Its a good start for me coz on the 1st of January 2011, M3, Toh, Aden, Chris n Justin.. did something so sudden, so hebat, so unbelievable it change my entire luck for the year. Reason i show Justin changing because.. today will b his first day to casino and we wont know whether he can get thru or not, so its a bet.

And ppl you dont meet often in KL u can find them in Genting, LOL met with a few friends there hahahaha

it mus b the glasses im wearing, i will wear it often now, its bringing me luck.. so what im superstitious hahahha.

and i think its the glasses giving us all the luck... Justin went in no one asking, my Bro went in without showing any identification card... nothing, all went the casino jus like tat

and so it happens... the first time ever we all came out smiling widely.. but to go thru tis u know how much i help Genting buy their toilet tiles... Im jus taking back my tiles now... lol

well with abit of extra like apple keyboard....

not to forget my Hot Toys Spiderman is also from Uncle Lim

Thank You Uncle Lim for you New Year presents.... !!!