Thursday, January 13, 2011

Church !!

A sunday morning, got invited by Ah Wai to church to see a play

I have not been to a church for almost 5 years or mayb more... im not sure, so long tat people wont believe me when i tell them im a christian.. LOL but tis church was really amazing..

tis is the church head paster giving a speech... so surpirse he isnt wearing any robe and like so selamba..

the last time i was in a church, we were using mahjong papers as our lyrics...

now... its on the big gigantic screen where everyone can see..

they even get to invite a malaysian singer who was in taiwan to perform a few of his songs.. macam concert je.. i have to say really nice voice

and then the play starts its called pin n needles.. the starting of it already made my jaw drop.. a mini orchestra..

the acting skill is crazy.. u wont feel geli at all.. really really good

and the finale was like BOOM BOOM POW.. everyone dancing here and there its like moulin rouge..

and when it comes to the praying part... closing my eyes facing down... paster said

"If you feel him talking to you raise your hand..."

all i heard was raise your hand and so i did.. Toh whispering to me telling me, "ei ei u are the onli one raising your hand"

I was like " sei for dun care i raise d how ... cannot put down" still shutting my eyes

I was called out later together with a hundread more humans who raise their hand previously.. so i was not alone.. kena con by toh again...

And then all tis start to apperan in facebook...

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