Monday, November 29, 2010


Im jus gona make some quick updates. Sorry everyone, I have been neglecting my blog. Never had the inspiration recently but i will try to get back on track now..

Its nice to have a view like this when you are alone, having some thoughts on your life..

Neway jus some past activities i did.

Went Penang for a movie shoot. Jus to see see onli not doing anything particular.

The reason was not only for the movie but also for the food there.

and finally in Penang i get the chance to ask wat is the meaning of the drawing of these pattern on the number plates.. is something to do with thailand, dunno how to explain i know its 'hoi kong' in canto.

my first encouter with an iphone (boss punya) look at the screen brightness difference.

Few weeks later, me n my colleagues went to Apek Mountain.

Tis is not easy.. really not easy...

but the most rewarding part was tis tiny waterfall area.. its like heaven when i went under the water... but u have to walk all the way out again and begin to torture urself.

rest area was well equipped with hammock which can make u give up ur whole journey and just rest there which i DINT !!

caught tis reptile also ler when we finish out trail..


DO NOT PARK YOUR CAR ANYWHERE NEAR A CORNER.. tis is done by the constructions workers because it was obstructing their road.

And to end my post, ENJOY !

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Desperate times

Desperate times Im in... nowadays internet is like everything to you. I tried applying for streamyx and guess wat they told me...

NO PORT, NO PORT. very common answer.

I was desperate, so desperate i went to maxis and apply for a 7 days trial for the broadband.

Using it now while im typing. Surprisingly fast good now i can online everywhere i go with my lappie !!!

WOOOO HOOOOO for 7 days !

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Life have to go on

Hi all, shifted to a new place again n there is no internet connection. Many things happened but the most shocking news i think is ehem ehem...

If you understand what the music video is about. I have to move on la. Its sad but yea no one can predict what is going to happened in the future. Who knows?