Wednesday, May 28, 2008

aku kena TAGGED

Yeah.. ive been tagged by Shin Ying. Here is wat u need to know when u have tagged

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
3. Tag eight people at the end of this post and list their names.
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blogs.

So here goes.

The girl ive ever kiss on the lips is only Evonne. Hehe.

There is a retardness or crazy gene in me when i was young. Tats wat makes me who i am now. I also look abit like yoda (star wars) said Julian.

I love to fart.. but no smell

4. Because i love to fart, shit was easily push out.. so i shit at least twice a day. Max 4. No diarrhea.

Worst thing i have done is modeling for free. Well its not the worst, but a good experience but the worst thing is these pictures.

Im not how i look.. all my hidden fats are underneath my cloths... theres an endless story.

Back in 1997. There is a spidey in me.. hand painted my own spiderman statue with BUNCHO..

Favorite colour used to be Blue and now Red.. i wonder why.

Woo hooo siap dah.. so now i would like to tag...
My bro chris, kien wei, erm.. Lessayno, yumeko, Johnny, Caryn, Leeq and er... hm.. HAN !! but i think han don give a damn.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Street Fighter

Its was a normal day... a whole gang of us went to Nathans corner for a drink. But it turn out to be an interesting day for me. Tis is actually my first time (close up) watching a fight from the beginning till the end.

we were happily drinking and chit chatting..

out of a sudden, we heard noises, people shouting as if their in the animal kingdom fighting for pride.

of course being a curious fella i turn and look and tis is wat i saw. They were quarreling over something, its not onli 3 of them but tis 3 fellas are the main character of tis fight.

a few minutes later after screaming and shouting, one fella jus grab a chair and whack the other fella. BUT MISS !

It was very tense and people were running away from there and i cant see a thing till one fella bleed and walk away.

the fella had a weapon on its hand.. it was not clear wat hes holding but it does looks something like tis

it vibrates a little cos the fella was shaking, thought it was a dildo at first, but its a cute little small baton.

and then the other fella bleed, walking away from the fight looking stun and blur. The fella with the baton screwing them.
"ngo tung lei kong lei mou kam LANSI !"
translate english ( i tell u, dont be so action !)
translate malay ( saya beritahu kamu, jangan begitu gaya !)
translate hakka ( ngai pong ngi kong, ngi mm moi an lansi !)
translate mandarine ( wo ken ni chiang, ni pu yau chiang hau lian !)

looking blur the fella gave another blow on the fellas head, but it doesnt seem to affect the fella, i think hes damn stun.

all we can do is stay away and watch. Oh and one of the gal frens called their frens and say
"fai tit lei, it tou yau yan cham yan"
translate english (faster come, someone is chopping someone)
translate malay (cepat datang, sini ada orang potong orang)
translate hakka (kiak tit loi, liak wui yiu yin ka cham yin ka)
tranlate mandarine (kuai tien lai, chik pien you len kan len chia)

was thinking so happening meh.. the way the gal say is as if the fella is holding a parang.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Freak accident.

Yet again i survive. I still remember the time when i nearly got myself killed.

When i was in australia bowling tis poisonous red belly snake with a stone. (full story)

But tis time i think its worst. Tis time it really happens. There are contact made compare to the snake.
What im about to show might actually shock you.. but the story behind of it might actually be a lesson to all my readers. I survive, tis might be serious, so please dont try tis at home.

Know wat is it ? few more pics and u might know wat my story is.

Tats right... the windshield. CRACK thanks to me. and its not my car.. but no hard feeling coz its tohs car and its not my fault. So here is how the story goes. Toh fetching his gf, Sook Foon back. Being an understandable person i sat behind so tat they get to spend some time in front. After she got down, of course its not nice to have the driver toh in front alone while im at the back of the passenger sit. Being as lazy as i am, i crawl from the back to front. and tats when all it happens. Toh ACCELERATE and he..

and then (i still remember physics..) the inertia of the sudden brake was to great so i ...

instead of asking how am i ? or scared, both of us..

stop and laugh for quite some time till we get home. and then onli we start to get worried. Wat did toh tell his mom.

We came up with tis story... stone flew and hit on the glass. Easy n i think its believable. Cost around 1k to fix it. But gain a new name for myself.

Oh YA.. no parents should know anything bout tis. Its a secret between me and my fello readers. HEHEHEHE

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Bther !

Yes, rite after julians bday if my younger brothers bday. Its late now so here i have a video specially made for you.

U mus be wondering, how come granma is in.. she was jus walking pass my room when im doing tis. So i jus call her in to sing a verse for u.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Yes another year has pass. Really fast. I still remember i drew a Julan Maul. for him on his bday since i wasnt with him. But tis year. Its diff. Iwas here.
Tis was last year.

but tis year.. i was able to blow with him

Oh btw tis is Julian.

If its not for him.. my fren Julian, i wouldnt know tat toasted crispy bread will heal ur stomach if its full of wind. And also with a hot drink to go with it, will boost the effect.

Oh and do not take any dairy product. Once again i would like to wish u.


Saturday, May 3, 2008

Many have ask.. HOW MUCH U SPEND ON SPIDEY ?



It take alot of guts to reveal the price of the items i bought. So here goes.

Snap it statue Rm300

Key chain Rm5

some small figurines. 4 of them each around RM20

Action figure. The one in front Rm40, back oe is RM60.

marvel heroclix game. RM10 each.

Snap it puzzle. RM30 each.

Have 7 of it.

Those vending egg machines. RM15 a set.

Some figurines from bandai. RM100.

heavy metal figurins from uk. RM60 each.


more stuff.. price, Dont know. RM100 for all, maybe

Marvel minimates.(lego like figures) RM15 each. count urself.

Spidey vs Venom from sideshows. RM....RM....RM....RM600. Crafted and cast in heavyweight polystone.

Vinyl Collectio Dolls. RM250 each.

Lego sets of 3. RM200 each.

Ongoing comics. Ultimate Spiderman. RM50 each.

Diecast titanium. RM50 each

Small die cast titanium. RM20 each.

Bowen mini bust. RM190

Spiderman 3 bust RM250. Set of 3. Bowen mini bust. RM190.

Spiderman 3 black suit bust

Spiderman 3 Venom bust.

Posable spidey. RM80.

Well tat not all of it yet. MIss out quite a few. So you get the picture how much i spent on my collections.