Saturday, May 3, 2008

Many have ask.. HOW MUCH U SPEND ON SPIDEY ?



It take alot of guts to reveal the price of the items i bought. So here goes.

Snap it statue Rm300

Key chain Rm5

some small figurines. 4 of them each around RM20

Action figure. The one in front Rm40, back oe is RM60.

marvel heroclix game. RM10 each.

Snap it puzzle. RM30 each.

Have 7 of it.

Those vending egg machines. RM15 a set.

Some figurines from bandai. RM100.

heavy metal figurins from uk. RM60 each.


more stuff.. price, Dont know. RM100 for all, maybe

Marvel minimates.(lego like figures) RM15 each. count urself.

Spidey vs Venom from sideshows. RM....RM....RM....RM600. Crafted and cast in heavyweight polystone.

Vinyl Collectio Dolls. RM250 each.

Lego sets of 3. RM200 each.

Ongoing comics. Ultimate Spiderman. RM50 each.

Diecast titanium. RM50 each

Small die cast titanium. RM20 each.

Bowen mini bust. RM190

Spiderman 3 bust RM250. Set of 3. Bowen mini bust. RM190.

Spiderman 3 black suit bust

Spiderman 3 Venom bust.

Posable spidey. RM80.

Well tat not all of it yet. MIss out quite a few. So you get the picture how much i spent on my collections.


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Bryan Tai said...

Hey Coz

that is a pretty dang impressive collection of spider-man stuff.

I love spider-man
I only have a few spider-man things though.

no money to buy things. i just have comic books.

i wish i had the money to buy all that though.