Friday, May 16, 2008

Freak accident.

Yet again i survive. I still remember the time when i nearly got myself killed.

When i was in australia bowling tis poisonous red belly snake with a stone. (full story)

But tis time i think its worst. Tis time it really happens. There are contact made compare to the snake.
What im about to show might actually shock you.. but the story behind of it might actually be a lesson to all my readers. I survive, tis might be serious, so please dont try tis at home.

Know wat is it ? few more pics and u might know wat my story is.

Tats right... the windshield. CRACK thanks to me. and its not my car.. but no hard feeling coz its tohs car and its not my fault. So here is how the story goes. Toh fetching his gf, Sook Foon back. Being an understandable person i sat behind so tat they get to spend some time in front. After she got down, of course its not nice to have the driver toh in front alone while im at the back of the passenger sit. Being as lazy as i am, i crawl from the back to front. and tats when all it happens. Toh ACCELERATE and he..

and then (i still remember physics..) the inertia of the sudden brake was to great so i ...

instead of asking how am i ? or scared, both of us..

stop and laugh for quite some time till we get home. and then onli we start to get worried. Wat did toh tell his mom.

We came up with tis story... stone flew and hit on the glass. Easy n i think its believable. Cost around 1k to fix it. But gain a new name for myself.

Oh YA.. no parents should know anything bout tis. Its a secret between me and my fello readers. HEHEHEHE

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