Monday, May 31, 2010

Showing off my Works

Have u all ever thought who design tis or who design tat, i dont think anyone ever did tat, well me neither.

But after realising how painful the process of making one poster, or flyer or anything to do with design, i start to realise sometimes we designers do want u guys to know who is behind the work.

here are some of my work i have been doing for my company, hehehe if u happen to see any of this, tell ur fren or the stranger bside u,

"Hey i know who dsign tis ! He is my fren!"

hahaha but i dun think tat fella will give a damn. But its jus feels good when someone know its from u.

The most recent work i did for HTC, Andrew Tan's posters, standee, flyers, pillars, busses.. watever shit u see with his face on it.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rider in the making

Watched Robin Hood, Shrek Forever After and Prince of Persia.

Its not that i want to review bout the movies or anythign i jus feel like drawing them in my style.. LOL but jus to let u all know Robin Hood was draggy, i find Shrek typical but funny, Toh immediately called his gf, SF not to watch that crap movie... prince of persia... looks more like Assasin Creed if you have played the game, but the costumes is nice.

When i was young, my dad used to fetch me back frm school in his bike. One day i was so bored i ask him can i sit facing the back, and it was a whole new experience for me... and now

as long u dont have penyakit gila babi, which i dont, u can take a motorcycle license, and i did sign up for it. I was persuade by my younger bro, he got us all in tis bike riding fever.

Went for the undang class, which nearly kills me, i dint know that we malaysians can slang in malay... i was so lost inside the class... really cant hear anything the lecturer say, n i have been in malays school since secondary i cant hear a word he says... he was talking to the wall...

i think im not the onli one who cant listen to a word he say... no one was actually paying attention because they find it so hard to do it... no point doing it

and then out we go for practical frm another lecturer which is way more better than the first one. It took me almost 6 hours to suffer from tis pain in the ass lecturing but wat to do, its a MUST !

because after tat undang session i can onli get my L license, it jus bring back memories when i got my first L for my car license.

and yes once again i made my own passport pic, LOL photograph by my bro right after my work, so oily and tired. With wonders from photoshop nothing is impossible.

and today i jus got my first 2 hours lesson. Need a total of 8 hours to do the test.

the weather damn freaking hot and i sweat alot, it was 2pm, the helmets were use from morning, i was the last one using it and jus imagine the smell of the helmet... i have to go through all tis for another 6 hours..

but its worth once i get my license, im legal to ride anywhere i want.

tis is my bros girlfren (according to him) LOL she is now officially pimp with green lining on the rims, neon light at the back (quite ah beng) and also smaller signal lights.

its a 250cc Kawasaki Ninja.

oh oh jus for u guys to know, the rider thing runs in the family. So dont mess with this granma if u see her riding her bike on the road. LOL

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tis is my dog, she is a dalmation, labrador,beagle,chow chow, all mix together and become Bambi.. the Choi Gau (vege dog)

DO NOT EVER GO NEAR HER when she has something she is in possession of. Look at those killer eyes.

Even after photoshopping she still look damn fierce, like Tyra Banks kind of fierce.

all because of tis dead frog, she killed it and dint know wat to do with it, and its right in front of my house door. When u see her like tat no one dares to go near her, accept my dad.

tats why i was inside jus enjoying the way she kills the frog but i would never interfere.

she is sending me a message, Do not take my kill, you dont like me when im angry.....

Monday, May 17, 2010


Isnt it nice when u can help someone the those tat wanted ur help come to u.

And tis is wat they did, kempen derma darah, u wana to help but u got no time, let us come to u. Tis is the second time they came.

The first time i was there to support too, and it was my first time donating blood. I was the onli one who went in my office.

Felt proud of myself for doing good deed and i was given a booklet and also surprisingly,

I was given a certificate of appreciation. So when they came i decided to donate again.

Tis time i was accompanied by more volunteers, they were all ready the day before, all sleep early, maintain good health, no period tis n tat.

Not onli tat we bring along some supporters from office, haha actually the whole office came to support because it was jus 2 office away frm our place.

but next time remember dun bring supporters tat make faces, really will have less confident and scared when donating.

tis wan an easy process but because of their expression i was worried also, but i need to act cool, dammit i wasnt tat worried when i went solo the first time. LOL. Really makes a different.

May was very semangated to donate, but because of her weight she is too light to do so. And yet she alwaz say she is too fat... really need spanking.. LOL

our first one to go, first volunteer of the day, the reason she went first was because she was scared too, Lvis wanted everything to end quickly. LOL. A brave one.

Second one of the day Vincent and me waiting to b the third one.

It took onli a few minutes to fill up the whole 450ml bag, oh oh and the girl was sitting next to me... excited, hm... mayb tats why the blood flow out so fast.

there is really nothign to worried about, no pain nothing, u cant even feel the blood flowing out, even the needle mark is damn small. I will go for the third time if there is another one.

Guess who is she la, not gona mention her name, bersungguh sungguh she wanted to donate blood, already planned to do so, then in the end..... chicken out. Dun even wana face the camera. LOL

hm.. i was aiming to donate more than 6 time so i can have those privilege, although i dont really understand wat is it but i know its something good.

Well if u are really really into donating blood go more than 50 times. U will have a super duper something something for 10 years. First class 10 years man...

tats really alot, wonder how long will it take, by time i might b dried up...

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I was on facebook looking at all my pics ppl tag me,

I have never upload any pics on facebook before, i dont know why, but surprisingly there are 500+ pics of me on facebook, all tagged by my frens.

As i was browsing through...

If you are a facebook addict, u will know on ur album onli pics of u can be seen,

Was surprise i wasnt in tis pic but i was tagged.. hm... later did i know...

i was as the indian kid bside toh. and i start laughing, n i dint even know when tis happened. and so i continue browsing..

There another me, tis time im a guai lou.

A banana boat driver, with tis i can drive myself to any island.

i can form into animals too, a penguin.

and of course not to miss out the monkey.

a dog.

how bout a piece of nugget. I think its a nugget, but u wont see if im a nugget or not, u will get distracted with Julians, sad to say teramat sikit gay pose.

and i can even change my name, not Andy Lau but Andy Pao

How bout a name tat suit my face, Hantu Bopeng.

But in the end im something very powerful, the water.

watch tis video and u will know why im powerful. Empty your mind.. be water my frens..

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Random updates

Went for a movie on weekend

And finally i get to watch Ip-Man. Now i can join wat everyone has been talking. When the movie first came up i thought it was called ip man the IP we use on our computer, those kinda thing,

Hi im IP MAN, my number is, and u can log on to my organs...i thought it was some futuristic movie stuff like tat

n i thought it was ridiculous and then onli i realize when i heard it was suppose to be a human name. Bodoh me. Wat to do dont know how to read chinese characters.

Part 2 was super duper keng chow ! the way they fight like fighting with machine gun, crazy fast, LOL, really provoke me towards the end when he beat up twister, i was holding my fist watching it, hahah feel like helping him punch.

look at the display they had in Pavilion, hm... looks like something is oversized.

after tat super nice movie... balik wait for the last match of epl, disappointment, ManU kalah and in our gang onli Ah Wai support Chelsea, so i guess he is the happiest amongst us all.

and lastly i have not been playing Final Fantasy 13 so much, addicted to God of War 3, hahah... really addicted.

if u know what i mean why im so into tis game suddenly.

the graphic once again is crazy realistic. LOL. HEBAT !! SEXY !!

Yeah and rite now im playing tis game while im blogging.... and im in the last boss...