Monday, May 31, 2010

Showing off my Works

Have u all ever thought who design tis or who design tat, i dont think anyone ever did tat, well me neither.

But after realising how painful the process of making one poster, or flyer or anything to do with design, i start to realise sometimes we designers do want u guys to know who is behind the work.

here are some of my work i have been doing for my company, hehehe if u happen to see any of this, tell ur fren or the stranger bside u,

"Hey i know who dsign tis ! He is my fren!"

hahaha but i dun think tat fella will give a damn. But its jus feels good when someone know its from u.

The most recent work i did for HTC, Andrew Tan's posters, standee, flyers, pillars, busses.. watever shit u see with his face on it.

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