Friday, May 7, 2010


It was another partay.

Tis party its when all the girsl gone wild. Super wild. Its someones bday again.

its not my elder brother, its not me, both of us are already overage.

Its my younger brother, Chris, its his 21st bday.

See how excited he is, entertaining all his frens, makan minum,

and he gets all the girls,

oh n i miss his singing bday song coz few of us were upstairs watching soccer so i will sing it here once again with tis video... LOL...

Evonne is gona kill me... LOL, tis video was made last year, no harm reusing it again.

Group PICS !!! wooo hooo ! notice anything in the pic ?

Did u see it, these are my bros pilot frens, and i would like to be one of them too.

Frens frm... i think secondary

and the gayest pic of all the grup pic. U can see the Lim brothers loves it so much. Look closely, Justin is giving a curry chicken (kali kai) on the neck.. lol, jk onli la, but it looks like it. SUCK SUCK...

A Do Re Mi pic, call us 3 stooges, 3 musketeers, 3 blind mice, 3 ninja kid, 3 wat else..

and lastly the cousinly pic, which is almost complete, Nick and Ah Chee !!! haiz... u guys are not here.

n then a thing tat everyone mus face on the big day, because my gang did not have the opportunity to sing to him, we were watching soccer, they resing again to him, together with a surprise smash.

Notice Chris has chnage his clothes, to avoid from making the shirt cacat, i smudge a small tiny cream on his shirt and ask him to chnage, n then its all up to the them to do watever they want.

KA POW !!!!


with video how it happened, snatched from Justin's blog

Listen properly to wat my granma say.. volume higher

Kam yiong ke fren oi lei cho met yeh... ( why do u need frens like tis ) LOL


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