Monday, May 3, 2010

1 Farewell, 2 Venue

Nowadays play soccer,

super fast pancit.. dint play often, hot weather and fat, all mix together = pancit.

Watched Ironman 2 during the weekend, first one is better but second is also cool, better than Spiderman 3. ANd u know wat im doing on the pic above if you have watch it.. super giler laser.

Introduction, tis is Cheng Cheng aka CCTan, the monster in our company, the queen, the dinosaur, the 'ye mau' (stray cat). Tis pic is her last pic in our company. She is leaving.

That is why we had a farewell for her in Neway Subang.

Tis is her coming in late and start eating, background boxer wanabe, ignore her, LOL.

The food in Neway actually taste better compare to Redbox, right after we had our dinner buffet we start Singing.... everyone has their own style of singing,

Here is Lvis standing on the the sofa, its better standing on top of the sofa rathern than jus standing coz the air on top is better..

Ini atas ada singer kita terhebat, macam Beyonce Mama Adeline kita.

erm... Im not doing it coz Huey Yee is singing, so happened i was posing and she was singing.

and for me, i sang a song saying goodbye to CCTan with feelings. LOL. But she jus cant stop laughing.

Because April is the month of my birthday, its free for me and i have a free champaign. But of course we divided the bill equally.

oh and i also got a free cake which...

sucks. When its about to end around 11.30pm, there is another gang of CCTans fren coming, but Neway has already been fully booked, wat to do then...

I was persuaded by CCTan to go for the second round in Gardens Redbox. See the controller, its redbox controller, i did not make tis up, i really went for second round, crazy...

Meet some new frens of CCTan and once again ignore the perempuan tat made the lansi face, she is the boxer earlier. LOL.

I was not drinking coz i feel sad, hahah now no one will come steal my food anymore... hahah im happy tats why im drinking...

but without CCTan here in our company it will b abit quiet,
No more food stealing, no more sudden I wan nugget phrase, no more low voice screaming at us, no more 'Wo Yau, Wo Yau' (I want, I want) on watever food she saw, no more punching bags, no more tulan face with the lips going up 45 degree oh not to forget no more chopstick throwing.

The moment having you in the office will alwaz b remembered, haha sound like she is dead LOL. But yeah, jus want to wish u good luck and all the best, dont forget me oh.

At the end of the day after the farewell

I smell like smoke... like smoke man... wonder who... CIZ.

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