Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rider in the making

Watched Robin Hood, Shrek Forever After and Prince of Persia.

Its not that i want to review bout the movies or anythign i jus feel like drawing them in my style.. LOL but jus to let u all know Robin Hood was draggy, i find Shrek typical but funny, Toh immediately called his gf, SF not to watch that crap movie... prince of persia... looks more like Assasin Creed if you have played the game, but the costumes is nice.

When i was young, my dad used to fetch me back frm school in his bike. One day i was so bored i ask him can i sit facing the back, and it was a whole new experience for me... and now

as long u dont have penyakit gila babi, which i dont, u can take a motorcycle license, and i did sign up for it. I was persuade by my younger bro, he got us all in tis bike riding fever.

Went for the undang class, which nearly kills me, i dint know that we malaysians can slang in malay... i was so lost inside the class... really cant hear anything the lecturer say, n i have been in malays school since secondary i cant hear a word he says... he was talking to the wall...

i think im not the onli one who cant listen to a word he say... no one was actually paying attention because they find it so hard to do it... no point doing it

and then out we go for practical frm another lecturer which is way more better than the first one. It took me almost 6 hours to suffer from tis pain in the ass lecturing but wat to do, its a MUST !

because after tat undang session i can onli get my L license, it jus bring back memories when i got my first L for my car license.

and yes once again i made my own passport pic, LOL photograph by my bro right after my work, so oily and tired. With wonders from photoshop nothing is impossible.

and today i jus got my first 2 hours lesson. Need a total of 8 hours to do the test.

the weather damn freaking hot and i sweat alot, it was 2pm, the helmets were use from morning, i was the last one using it and jus imagine the smell of the helmet... i have to go through all tis for another 6 hours..

but its worth once i get my license, im legal to ride anywhere i want.

tis is my bros girlfren (according to him) LOL she is now officially pimp with green lining on the rims, neon light at the back (quite ah beng) and also smaller signal lights.

its a 250cc Kawasaki Ninja.

oh oh jus for u guys to know, the rider thing runs in the family. So dont mess with this granma if u see her riding her bike on the road. LOL

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