Monday, February 21, 2011

Woot !

Adoi... hanging pulak...

Sunday, February 20, 2011



Valentine jus pass, have been listening to tis super album in my office for the whole day, hehehe

so much love but no one there.. lol

went to tohs place for rummy and then went singing with a fren hahaha

well i felt like a dick shit on my valentines day.. lol actually no, i had fun, the shit was jus a pic i took at Tohs place.

oh for the first time, i paid to watch Lion Dance during CNY, my very first lion dance for cny wan on the day Ah Wai officially open his own business. Lion dance was sponsored by me , Toh and Julian hehehehe

check out on the things he is doing here .. really really really nice.

well the second Lion dance i saw was near my office building.. this wan was like GANG HO jump here n there ! crazy shits!

and then do u know bout tis super long slide in Empire ?

I dared Jakun to play it and she took the dare...

i wanted to try it too but i was too shy to do it like in the middle of the shopping centre so, she slide down all the way from fifth floor to ground floor while i walked my ass down holding her handbag with eyes starring at me...

another KELEFEH shoot for a music video...

i dont know wats the artists name but im gona b blur this time on the background hahaha certainly not gona be something like tis.. lol

AND Genting we went again !! tis time not tat good..... Uncle Lims money can onli b pawn once a year.. hahahha too bad la but we do have fun !! thanks to justins ipod aps called Pocket booth !!

Im liking tis ap, i will get it for sure once i did the ehem ehem break on my phone..

jus look at the pics !! flawless with much awesomeness !! It was fun and entertaining !

but the last time i went Genting wasnt tat fun at all... i felt damn awkward....

Friday, February 11, 2011

9th Day of CNY

I should b the luckiest guy living on the 23rd floor.. with the view of almost the whole city... i can see all the fireworks...

but its different now.. fireworks doesnt really makes me excited anymore.. :)

Monday, February 7, 2011


Wishing everyone a Super Duper Chinese New Year !!!

Hope tis funny bunny can bring you good luck and good health tis year long.. everyone should have a funny bunny friend tis year !! Ive already have one so im good !!

today is the day when i feel like going to work... why? coz when all of ur frens are working and u are all alone. When u go out for lunch u look on ur phone n u cant call no one, and when u went out looking for food u ended up in a mamak stall, u definitely felt lonely and now u are dying of boredom...